LYDIA´S “smoke House”

Lydia’s is a Southern American-style cantina, with a décor that combines colonial and industrial elements. It follows an American tradition dating back a hundred years with wood-smoked meats, home-made burgers, and brisket beef, and is open all day, making it an authentic Diner. It offers everything from early-morning breakfasts to late-night dinners and drinks.  

Lydia’s is a place to meet, a landmark, a place where you can eat and enjoy good company. Here you can meet people from the world of motorbiking, intrepid travellers, card players, and lovers of rock music, blues, jazz, and country music... a place of refuge where you can find peace, a hug, and someone to join you in a toast with your beer or imported whisky. 

John-Malek and César Galán, two friends who are also partners, managers, but most of all meat lovers, work as the head waiter and chef. They want to show how they interpret something that was (until now) unknown here — there is nothing like it either in the island’s archives, or in the memories of the local people. 

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