LYDIA´S “smoke House”

Lydia’s is a lifestyle based on the US’s endless roads where travellers can find plenty of varied American food.

Lydia’s in Ibiza goes hand in hand with the world of motors, with classic two and four-wheel vehicles, with free, wandering spirits in search of new adventures with a bottle of whiskey in their backpack and rock music playing in the background.

Food is based on the finger food classics of the ’70s and ’80s, following and respecting the traditions of the people who invented the recipes and created the cooking methods.

John Maas, John-Malek and César Galán began their journey with their first Lydia’s, which they call Lydia’s Downtown, in the centre of Ibiza Town. Now they are starting a new project outside the city, where people make a daily pilgrimage to its outdoor dining spaces or indoor rooms warmed by a fireplace in winter, for breakfast with coffee refills, grilled breakfasts, smoked roast meats... It’s on Carretera de San Joan, word has it that the guys from Lydia’s North rule the border that separates the centre of the island from the north.

Definitely one of the island’s classic destinations, Lydia’s diners are the sheriffs of burgers and roasted meat in Ibiza.

Lydia´s Down Town: C/ Juan de Austria, 16. Ibiza.
Lydia´s North: Carretera de San Joan, km 13, Sant Llorenç de Balàfia

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