Peach and red wine sangría Tuna tartare and osmotised watermelon Chlorella vegetarian rice Boneless chicken wings with yakiniku sauce and hot-and-sour apple Marinated chicken salad with soya mayonnaise Marinated mackerel with a dressing of hierbas ibicencas Smoked aubergine with bulgur wheat, celery, and fresh mint yoghurt Buckwheat with baby vegetables Tuna Tataki marinated in a sweet, acidic, spicy and salty sequence ‘Black and White’ Quinoa Tabbouleh with crudités Lobster with fried eggs and Ibiza potatoes Aubergine tamale Classic ceviche Grilled monkfish cheeks (kokotxas) with green garlic confit, sake and black garlic sauce Crunchy hake in olive soup Grilled rotja fish with controne beans and endives Spaghetti with Vesuvius Tomatoes Chicken and asparagus paella Carob coca (Ibiza flatbread), escalivada and belly of sirvia Passionfruit waffles with chocolate and vanilla mousse Shellfish with Parmesan sauce Steak annatto Nachos with guacamole Melon ceviche with rocoto pepper sorbet Grilled octopus with a chilli and yellow pepper emulsion King crab merus with yuzu Hollandaise sauce and pickled baby vegetables Chili lobster Ravioli zebra with lobster, prawns, stracciatella and tomatoe confit, suquete de peix Squid filled with spinach and sobrasada, inked cracker and sea foam Glazed tuna with almonds and cherries Tuna tataki, home-made kimchi and pickled tomatoes Seitan pie with sweet potato purée 4 Ways beetroot with truffle oil powder


Brilhante CBbC Marina Sta Eulalia CURA Café de São Bento Cala Bassa Beach Club Davvero Degust'AR Lisboa Ebusus CBbC Restaurant El Corsario Restaurant & Terrace Encanto Fifty Seconds by Martín Berasategui Go Juu Honest Greens In.Vulgar Kabuki Lisboa Las Dos Manos Lobo Mau Mama Shelter Lisboa Maré Mãe Cozinha Com Amor Nunes Real Marisqueira O Jardim - Sr. Lisboa Pica-Pau Praia no Parque Restaurante 528 Restaurante Albatroz Restaurante Alma Beach Ibiza Restaurante Alma Eat is Life Restaurante Amante Ibiza Restaurante Amassa Restaurante Beachouse Ibiza Restaurante Blue Marlin Ibiza Restaurante Cala Gracioneta Restaurante Can Rikü Restaurante Can Tina Ibiza Restaurante Casa Jondal Restaurante Casa Maca Restaurante Casa Pacha Formentera Restaurante Casa Sudaca Restaurante CasaPiedra Ibiza Restaurante Casbah Formentera Restaurante Chambao Ibiza Restaurante Chezz Gerdi Formentera Restaurante D-Lounge en Destino Pacha Ibiza Restaurante Eat is Life Restaurante El Barco Restaurante El Hotel Pacha Restaurante Es Còdol Foradat Restaurante Es Ventall Restaurante Fandango Formentera Restaurante Finca La Plaza Restaurante Gecko Hotel & Beach Club Restaurante IMAGINE by Five Flowers Restaurante Jara by The Standard Ibiza Restaurante La Gaia by Óscar Molina Restaurante La Llama Restaurante La Mariterránea Restaurante Libertà Restaurante Lío Ibiza Restaurante Marlene Restaurante Molo 47 Restaurante Nudo Restaurante Pacha Restaurante Reart Restaurante Ritmo Formentera Restaurante Salvia Restaurante Sol Cala Saona Restaurante Sol Post Restaurante Terroir Restaurantes Sa Punta, Pachwork / Ginger Rocco Sea Me Next Door XXL by Olivier Zuma Ibiza Zunzum Gastrobar o Nobre Restaurante Aigua Restaurante Aiguaisal Restaurante Aire Restaurante Asar Formentera Restaurante Ca Na Joana Restaurante Can Carlitos Restaurante Can Pasqual Restaurante Can Pepito Restaurante Casa Natalia Restaurante Es Jardí des Marès Restaurante Insula Beach Restaurante A Mi Manera Formentera Restaurante Aigua Aire Restaurante Janis Formentera Carmen Restaurant by Blanco Cervejaria Liberdade Chiringuito Blue Cova Santa Feitoria Restaurante Marc’s Restaurante Minami Japanese Restaurant Nagai Restaurant OKU Restaurant Pizzeria ZeroZero Quimera Restaurant Restaurante A Cevicheria Restaurante A Mi Manera Ibiza Restaurante Aiyanna Restaurante Akla Restaurante Alma – Henrique Sá Pessoa Restaurante Atzaró Beach Restaurante Aubergine by Atzaró Restaurante Bairro do Avillez Restaurante Barra Cascabel Restaurante Belcanto Restaurante Bocasalina Restaurante Can Domo Agroturismo Restaurante Can Limo Restaurante Can Pizza Ibiza Restaurante Can Xarc Restaurante Can the Can Restaurante Cisco – Cozinha Tradicional Restaurante Coyo Taco Restaurante Dois Petiscos Restaurante El Carnicero Restaurante El Gioviale Restaurante Eneko Lisboa Restaurante Epur Restaurante Erva Restaurante Es Caló Restaurante Es Gerret Restaurante Es Mercat Ibiza Restaurante Etxeko Ibiza by Martín Berasategui Restaurante Food Circle Restaurante Ground Burger Restaurante Guilty by Olivier Restaurante Hard Rock Café Ibiza Restaurante Hostal La Torre Restaurante It Ibiza Restaurante JNcQUOI Asia Restaurante JNcQUOI Avenida Restaurante Knowledge of Beef by Olivier Restaurante LAB by Sergi Arola Restaurante La Cabaña Restaurante La Cantina Canalla Restaurante La Cava Restaurante La Veranda en Agroturismo Atzaró Restaurante Las Dos Lunas Restaurante Loco Restaurante Maymanta Restaurante Midori Restaurante Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza Restaurante Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay Restaurante O Boteco Restaurante O Talho Restaurante Oh! Vargas Restaurante Olivier Avenida Restaurante Pomona Ibiza Restaurante Prado Restaurante Roto Club Ibiza Restaurante SEEN by Olivier Restaurante Sa Caleta Restaurante Sa Cova Restaurante Sala de Corte Restaurante Sea Me – Peixaria Moderna Restaurante Soul Garden Restaurante SÁLA de João Sá Restaurante Sítio Valverde Restaurante TATEL Ibiza Restaurante Taller Sa Penya by Ibiza Food Studio Restaurante The Beach at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza Restaurante The Beach by Ushuaïa Ibiza Restaurante The Curry Club Ibiza Restaurante The Oyster & Caviar Bar Restaurante The View Restaurante Tropicana Beach Restaurante Umami Ibiza Sushi & Bento Restaurante Valle Flôr Restaurante Vogamarí Formentera Restaurante Yakuza by Olivier Sir Rocco Beach Restaurant by Ushuaïa Soão - Taberna Asiática Taberna Albricoque Taberna da Praça Tapisco – Henrique Sá Pessoa



Paulo Amado, the father of Portuguese chefs Chef Agnaldo Ferreira, drawer of Japanese flavours Chef Pedro Almeida, 3rd generation of Midori Chef Justa Nobre, an intuitive cuisine with a matrix AgroAguiar: Undeniable quality from the field to the industry Chef Carlos Fernandes, desserts on the stage of creativity Chef Luís Gaspar. Focus and technique as basis for gastronomy Chef Alexandre Silva. Fire that burns and can be see Chef Kiko Martins. Servir Portugal com os sabores do Mundo Estrella Damm Henrique Sá Pessoa: Another star shining upon Henrique Sá Pessoa Seame Group: Hospitality spirit Chef José Avillez, a journey through Portugal looking for discoveries Ecofeixes, the first organic cooperative of Ibiza José Miguel Bonet, the chef in charge of Es Ventall Juan Pedro Domínguez, The Winner of the XI Cocktail Competition of Ibiza and Formentera Can Dani, first Michelin starred menu in Formentera Óscar Molina, a trip through peruvian cuisine Albert Adrià: “I don’t sell food, I sell happiness” Tatel lands in Ibiza Interview with Ferran Adrià in Ibiza Zela, the butterfly that chose Ibiza Interview with Paco Roncero, 2 Michelin Stars Interview with Esther and Pere, Owners of Sa Brisa Restaurant José Luis Benítez and Cristian Brown, Manager and President of the Ibiza Leisure Association Gennaro Esposito executive chef of ‘It Ibiza’ Gastronomika 2016. Visit to Donostia My Organic Spirits, organic cocktail bar opens in Ibiza Sa Punta Ibiza. Ode to Ibizan pleasures Angel Leon, the ‘Chef of the Sea’ Frutos Secos Ibiza: 40 years in business Interview with Juan Pardalet. Pescados Consuelo y Pardalet Interview with Javier Marín y Toni Gila. Bedrinks Hierbas Familia Marí Mayans, five generations of tradition Albert Adrià: From El Bulli to Heart Ibiza Tassio de la Vega (Bodegas Oissat): “Architecture and wine are nothing without an underlying concept” Bemed. A passion for the Mediterranean Four hands dinner by José Avillez and Óscar Molina Ibiza Cares Fundation. Let’s take care of Ibiza Richie Hawtin. Sake and Electronic Music Daniel Serra, owner of Can Dani Restaurant in Formentera Gian Paolo Turci, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Formentera We spoke with Manuela Cavallotti, owner of Japoneria Bufambo Juanma Costa, president of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy of Ibiza and Formentera Martina Cacheiro Alonso, executive chef at the Hotel Casbah Roser Torras, founder of Grup Gsr and of the online magazine 7 Caníbales Seven Pines Resort Ibiza. Ibizan luxury taken to a new dimension A walk among the Ibizan flowers Interview with Sergi Arola, executive chef of Vi Cool Ibiza Linda Di Somma, private chef. A chef who feeds both body and mind Blue Marlin Ibiza. The ‘white island’ is seduce by fine dining El Clodenis has returned with a different restaurant concept Ibán Yarza, the bread guru Paco Roncero is back to Ibiza for the start of the new season Pau Barba, chef of Can Domo Rubén Valbuena, cheese and cooking: a love affair Gastronomika 2018 full swing Chef Kiko Martins: “The most important thing at the table is human contact” Casa Santos Lima, the ‘embassy’ of Portuguese wine Carnes Jacinto, or the pride of being portuguese Culinary getaway: Corinthia Hotel Lisbon Alberto Pires, the man who dreamed about creating the Lisbon Bar Show António Alexandre, the age of sustainable cuisine ‘Pesca’ by Diogo Noronha, a homage to the true flavours of the sea Miguel Laffan and the cod, a love story João Rodrigues, Journey to the centre of the Portuguese product Interview with Martín Berasategui before the opening of Fifty Seconds José Avillez: “Portugal’s biggest challenge in the field of gastronomy is to convey the integrity of our cuisine” Chef Mimi : “The presence of women in the kitchen gives the team a perfect balance” Miguel Rocha Vieira, back to his gastronomic roots Olivier Da Costa From cook to serial entrepreneur Paulo Salvador: “Portugal is an extraordinary example of gastronomic diversity” Rui Sanches, a food visionary Sergi Arola, a Lisboan through and through The chef Dani García is to close his 3 Michelin starred restaurant The Michelin Guide: Everything you wanted to know about the gastronomic guide We Are FaceFood Ibiza 2019. Ibiza’s international gastronomic event has been held for the second time João Rodrigues presents his ‘Materia’ project on ‘We are FaceFood Ibiza 2019’ Borja Beneyto creator of the successful blog ‘Cuaderno Matoses’ Óliver Peña, executive chef at restaurant Enigma Interview with Xevi Ramon and Marc Martí of Triticum Aquanaria: Haute cuisine’s favourite sea bass Albert Adrià, 5 year anniversary Heart Ibiza Martín Berasategui, the ‘eternal’ apprentice Víctor Sánchez – Bidfood Guzmán Ana Jiménez, Quimera Restaurant Interview with Toni Gila – Bedrinks Bocachula. A return to pleasure around the table The last heroes of the hives Oyster Ibiza. Oysters knocking on your door Seahorse Ibiza – The taste of sea Interview with Manu Yebras – Josper Martí Juan Mayans – AgroMartí Carnes Diego, reinventing the concept of the ‘butcher’s shop’ A MI MANERA. The garden of delights Interview with David Piccioni - Amante Ibiza Interview with Charo Val – La Alacena del Gourmet Finca La Plaza, devoted to the product Es Mercat: “Sometimes we are a restaurant, at others a rogue tavern” Antonio D’Angelo: “The gastronomic scene in Formentera is growing at a surprising speed” Carles Abellán: “Tapas are in my DNA” Gee van D. Cuisine with heart Hermanos Meneghello, three decades of continuous improvement Las Dalias, the evolution of Ibiza’s last hippie stronghold Miguel Tur: “I have never been afraid of anything” Paco Alcahud, the ‘sweet’ man from the Ibiza Gran Hotel Sa Paella Club, the secret of the true Valencian paella Vicente Andrío, premium cocktails on the beach Fonda Platé: Formentera’s Heritage Hideki Matsuhisa: “My philosophy is to work, not chase stars” Nandu Jubany. A breath of fresh air Hendrix Vega and Joan Costa, the new generation of Formentera cuisine Reviving the gastronomic traditions of Ibiza: striped watermelon and Xeixa wheat Rosa Hamersma – Vino & Co Xavi Alba: “There’s much more to being a waiter than being able to carry a tray. It is to be a good person” A tour of Ibiza’s best vermouth bars Hans Neuner: The Austrian who reinvented Portuguese cooking The best places for breakfast in Ibiza In search of the best beach clubs in Ibiza The best paella restaurants in Ibiza Ferrán Cañadas Estrada, head chef at Cana Sofía The sweet revolution reaches Ibiza La Finesse Truffles – “Truffles are trending” Michelin Stars Spain and Portugal Eneko Atxa, a feted chef sets out to conquer Lisbon Balfegó Chef Bertílio Gomes. Algarve traditions at the capital Can Truy, the restaurant where you “feel at home” Nandu Jubany, the chef who fell in love with the Pitiusa Islands Rafa Zafra, the dream of a summer beach bar Christian and Alan ‘Mambo Brothers’, ambassador of the authentic Ibiza Matheus Porticchio, the Italian chef who brings the flavours of the world to your home kitchen Hermanos Meneghello. The ideal family team We talk to Joost Kruissen, manager of the Gecko Hotel & Beach Club, Formentera Claudio Passiatore, General Manager of ChezzGerdi “I have the heart of a chef” Carnes Joaquín’s great little family Can Pizza: when pizza is haute cuisine Ca Na Joana. The home of good taste Javier Marín & Toni Gila – BeDrinks, 5 years working with Pityusic Island hotel owners Bamberry Foods, the sea in the blood The finest tuna in the world bears the Balfegó name Pure The Winery: Surrender to the pleasure of the first zero-sugar wine Juan Boned, the last knife maker in Ibiza Sant Antoni de Portmany, the foodie capital Vino&Co, deliveries to the doorstep of your villa The “other star” of Henrique Sá Pessoa Chef João Rodrigues. For a democratic cuisine Winemaker Luís Duarte. A vineyard adapted to the best of the region Chef Mimi: A woman always enters a kitchen to win Pestana Palace Lisboa and Pestana Cidadela Cascais, history at the table Marine Plankton: the true essence of the sea in one mouthful Xpepper. There’s fashion in the kitchen Vino&Co at home Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, MUSIC AND GASTRONOMY Nino di Costanzo, the new executive chef of IT Ibiza Casa Jondal, probably the best chiringuito in the world El Corsario: a tribute to modern Ibizan cooking with the signature of chef José Miguel Bonet The Hermanos Meneghello shop: a paradise for Ibiza’s foodies Ca Na Joana Close to perfection Mark Vaessen. New executive chef of OKU Ibiza Nandu Jubany, more rooted than ever Ibiza Gran Hotel. A luxury foodie experience Consuelo y Pardalet, the king and queen of Ibizan lobster Joan Costa. Sustainable cooking and a commitment to local produce Andrés Fernández. The 7 food concepts of 7Pines Resort Ibiza Balfegó, the bluefin tuna of haute cuisine BEdrinks, the best choice Miguel Tur: Local produce in San Antonio municipality, the island’s main producer Dani García launches BIBO Ibiza The new Chezz Gerdi bodega: another step towards excellence Mari Paz Tamayo. Total passion Iván Chacón: Carnes Diego and I have merged into one Paco Budia, head chef at Etxeko Ibiza Lydia’s Smokehouse an ode to Southern tradition, smoked meat and American culture  Matheus Porticchio. Fresh from the market to your plate Txogitxu. Basque food in its own words Vino & Co. Small wineries, big wines Tradition meets innovation in one of Formentera’s oldest restaurants: Can Pasqual. Fonda Platé, the soul of Formentera Meneghello Formentera. The best distribution service for the hospitality sector in Formentera The culinary journey of Ibiza’s most iconic cherries Traditional fishing. A job that confronts the forces of wind and tide Sara Valls. Going back to our origins Simone Masuzzo, tribute to his mentor: Pippo Caprice Carles Abellán, towards catharsis in Formentera Michelin Stars Spain and Portugal 2023 ‘We Are FaceFood Ibiza 2018’, the first International Gastronomic Festival in Ibiza Albert Adrià reopens Enigma David Piernagorda, chef at Jockey Club Ibiza The gastronomy of the island of Ibiza - on everyone’s lips Índigo Balfegó, the space that inspires brilliant minds BEdrinks, unstoppable BLESS HOTEL IBIZA: Paradise for foodies and bon vivants Blue Marlin Ibiza: An unforgettable culinary experience Can Pizza, Respect the pizza Carnes Diego, the finest meat in Ibiza and Formentera Liquid green olives, the seasoning by Caviaroli that’s revolutionising the kitchen Don Papa: entirely made in Sugarland Vermouth Dos Déus, the Elixir of Eternal Life El Carnicero Ibiza, The best grilled meat in Ibiza in a Mediterranean oasis Martín Berasategui prepares the season with renewed energy at Etxeko Ibiza after receiving a Sun award from the Repsol Guide Finca la Plaza, cocktails and signature dishes in a rural oasis FOODIT CATERING, exclusivity and sophistication for your celebrations Meneghello Fish: supporting Ibizan produce Sonia Molina. The alchemist of flavours IT Ibiza, Hospitality is its motto FOODIT 5Gama and JANBY. Technology at the service of haute cuisine Casa Jondal: where the ingredients take centre stage Mezcal Amarás, a slice of Mexico in Ibiza Mark Vaessen, chief executive of OKU Ibiza Óscar Molina. A star is born Pacha’s cherries are irresistible Sant Antoni de Portmany. Where the sun shines all year round Vino&Co, “The Mission” Juanan Martínez. Operations Manager MAF Ibiza Omar Malpartida. Cuisine with roots George Augsburger, love for Formentera Ana Jiménez, chef Quimera restaurant. Where sustainability comes in a thousand and one different flavours Casa Pacha. La Dolce Vita Aldilàdelvino, a dream come true for all lovers of champagne ChezzGerdi, the Icon of Formentera Fonda Platé, back to the island’s roots Gecko Hotel & Beach Club, a hedonistic oasis on Mijgorn beach Matheus Porticchio, fresh from the market to your plate Nandu Jubany, unstoppable Álvaro Reinoso, calling the tune at Ritmo Formentera Sol Post. Produce, produce, produce Tasca by José Avillez earns first star in Dubai’s debut Michelin guide Encanto by José Avillez accoladed with a Michelin Star the same year it opened The ACPP: supporting Portuguese cuisine since 1977 Portugal, guest country at Chef Balfegó 2023 Café de São Bento, may it continue for forty years more Carlos Afonso: Damm’s gastronomic star in Lisbon Filipe Carvalho, Fifty Seconds - Martin Berasategui: We’re not just a team, we’re a family! Hélio Gonçalves, the guardian of Portuguese food Alma, the heart of Henrique Sá Pessoa Honest Greens. Welcome to the real food revolution Jncquoi World, worshipping hedonism João Rodrigues: a future full of dreams The charm of José Avillez Kiko Martins, unstoppable creativity The Millstone Sourdough. David Jesús and Sandra Freitas, update or die Las Cholas: a taste of the Andes in Portugal Luís Gaspar, trio of success Marlene Vieira y João Sá, balance in and outside the kitchen Miguel Teixeira, Executive chef Erva & Soul Garden, hotel Corinthia, 20 years of tradition and fusion Noélia Jerónimo, the Chef of all portuguese chefs Olivier Da Costa, without borders Paulo Amado, the father of Portuguese chefs Pedro Pena Bastos, “Young and very well-prepared” Pestana Palace Lisboa and Pestana Cidadela Cascais Red Frog Speakeasy: an icon of Lisbon’s nightlife Rui and Margarida Sanches, the eternal search for excellence Seame Group, the sea in its DNA We Are FaceFood, Ibiza’s international gastronomic event, holds its fifth edition


Gee van D. recipe: 4 Ways beetroot with truffle oil powder Interview with the chef Gee van D. Interview with Albert Adrià Henrique Sá Pessoa recipe: Sargo fish miso foie Henrique Sá Pessoa, Alma Restaurant (Lisbon). 2 Michelin stars Interview with Rafa Zafra, 1 Michelin star and 2 Repsol suns Rafa Zafra recipe: Cauliflower and caviar We Are FaceFood Ibiza 2018 Interview with Pau Barba. Chef of Agroturismo Can Domo Interview with Óscar Molina. Executive chef at the La Gaia restaurant in Ibiza Gran Hotel It Ibiza is not only a restaurant, but our daily effort to celebrate beauty taste and simplicity Interview with the Chef José Avillez, owner of Belcanto Restaurant in Lisboa Four hands dinner by José Avillez and Óscar Molina We spoke with Luis Lassa, Head Chef of Pacha Restaurant Interview with Josetxo Arrieta and Jordi Grau. Lío, Club Restaurant Cabaret Interview with Samuel Gutiérrez Galdón, Executive Chef in the restaurant of the Hotel Destino Pacha Resort Interview with Íñigo Rodríguez, Head Chef of El Hotel Pacha Restaurant Mario Sandoval: “I carry the urge to experiment in my genes” Dani García: “We had to come to Ibiza much more earlier” Nino di Constanzo: “the Spanish are so hospitable and accommodating, they treat their customers almost like family” Rafa Zafra and Ricardo Acquista in their purest form John Malek and César Galan, owners of Lydia’s Smoke House Ibiza 4 Hands dinner by Roberto Ruiz and Raúl Gutiérrez at the Hotel Bless Ibiza Oscar Molina and Jonatan Yelamos, present a unique experience in La Gaia ETXEKO by Martin Berasategui Raffaele Misceo tells us what means the concept of The Fishery


Honey from Ibiza: the sweetest taste on the island Ibizan lobster. From the fishing boat to the table Gerret (gerret fish) is a highly prized variety on Ibiza Peix sec. Formentera’s best-kept secret Lamb native Ibiza is in a situation of near extinction Ibiza’s red potato. Reviving the traditional flavours of the field