Terms and conditions of general use
These general conditions of use apply to the various online services supplied by the limited company Anewday Projects, including the subscription to news bulletins and participation in discussion forums, chats and distribution lists of websites produced by Anewday Projects (S.L., a Spanish limited liability company located in IBIZA, for all legal purposes). These general conditions will remain permanently accessible to our users via the links and buttons shown on our website. We recommend that users read these conditions carefully so that they are aware of the correct use of the content and services provided by Anewday Projects S.L. Use of this content and these services implies acceptance of the present conditions of use.

Anewday Projects S.L. may revise the content of these conditions of use when it considers it appropriate, or when changes to the website make it necessary. Given that the use of the content and services provided by this website imply the acceptance of the conditions displayed here and of any subsequent amendments, we recommend that users read this section regularly if they continue to use the website. Anewday Projects S.L. will indicate when a revision of the present terms is to take place, for the information of users.

Failure to comply with the conditions of use displayed here will lead to the immediate denial of access to the website, using the technical tools at the disposal of Anewday Projects S.L.

1. Opinions expressed by users
Anewday Projects S.L. accepts no liability for the opinions, judgements or comments expressed by users on this, or any of its websites, in the areas provided for this purpose, such as discussion forums, or any other section of this website. Any information, opinion or comment expressed by our users remains exclusively their responsibility, and does not represent the point of view of Anewday Projects S.L.

2. Personal use of this service
Authorisation to use the content and services provided by this website is personal and not transferable. In no case may this authorisation be transferred to any third party, meaning that you are responsible for your own use of this service. You undertake not to use, under any circumstances, obscene, offensive or indecent language, or to provide false, inaccurate, defamatory or abusive information. At the same time, you agree not to post to this website any kind of encrypted material or unauthorised advertising, nor to post nuisance emails, nor to engage in any other activity that intrudes upon the privacy of any person, or which constitutes an infringement of any local, national or international law. The use of the content and services provided by this website implies the acceptance of these conditions and regulations. A failure to comply with them will lead to appropriate legal steps, which will be undertaken in the appropriate courts. Use of this site does not authorise access to the provider’s servers, under any circumstances—either by using the administrator’s access codes, or by any other improper means, by the use of a web browser or by the relevant http requests. You are responsible for any kind of material you post to this site—in particular, any text, photographs, video or audio files, which must always respect the rights of the author and the regulations applying to trademarks, trade secrets or any other type of industrial property. The content provided on this website is exclusively for personal use. This website contains material covered by copyright. It is not permitted, under any circumstances, to make unauthorised use of this material for commercial or other purposes by any means (including publishing, transferring distributing, any material obtained from this website) apart from those uses permitted by current legislation. You may not amend, or otherwise interfere with, this website.

3. Material published by users
Information, opinions, views and comments published on this website’s discussion forums, or on any other space provided for the purpose, do not possess a privative nature. The provider of this service reserves the right to use, reproduce, modify, translate, transmit or distribute any information or material provided by you, or sent to the service by the established means, or by any other existing or future means, for any possible purpose, including their use for commercial ends. Any information or material provided or sent to this service remains subject to the privacy regulations adopted by Anewday Projects S.L. , which may be accessed at any time by means of the links displayed for the purpose on this website.

4. Copyright
Anewday Projects S.L. agrees to respect the intellectual property of third parties at all times, and asks its users to show similar respect for these rights. Anewday Projects S.L. may, under certain circumstances and at its complete discretion, deny access to its content to any users, subscribers or registered customers who infringe current intellectual property regulations. If you believe that your work has been copied and is shown on this website in a manner which is unlawful, or if you discover links to third-party websites that similarly infringe the laws applying to such material, please contact Anewday Projects S.L. to alert us to this situation, using one of the following channels: Email: info@anewday.es Telephone: 971 896 625. Postal address: Avenida de Sant Jordi, 7. Local 3. 07800 Ibiza.

5. Material provided by third parties
As a user of this website, you agree not to hold Anewday Projects S.L. in any way responsible for any information or material provided by third parties, including any that may be considered defamatory, offensive or illegal.

6. Editorial work
Anewday Projects S.L. reserves the right to revise, edit, move or delete any material posted on its discussion forums, or any other area of the website, at its complete discretion and without advanced notice.

7. Additional Conditions
Anewday Projects S.L. reserves the right to publish, whenever it considers it necessary, additional conditions to those set out here, which may affect the use of the content and services offered by this website, or specific sections of the same, which will be clearly identified. Use of this website implies acceptance of these additional conditions of use.

8. Guarantees and limits on authorised use
Any kind of guarantee expresses or implies respect for the entire content and the services available on this website. Anewday Projects S.L. cannot guarantee that the use of this website will not be subject to errors, omissions or outages in the transmission of the information contained therein nor can it guarantee that use of the service will not result in the transmission of computer viruses. Therefore, Anewday Projects S.L., cannot be held liable, either by users or by third parties, for damage or loss caused by directly or indirectly using or accessing this website, or any of its content, regardless of the nature of the use causing the damage.

9. Medical advice given on the website
The information posted on this website does not constitute authoritative medical advice: any information or material published on this website is, without exception, of a purely general and advisory nature, and must not be considered as authoritative medical advice, opinion, diagnosis or treatment. No information obtained from this website is a substitute for professional medical attention. For a professional opinion, please consult your medical practitioner.

10. Cancellation of the service
Anewday Projects S.L. reserves the right to cancel or deny access to the content and services of this website for internal reasons, and without prior notice.

11. Jurisdiction
By using the content and services of this website, you accept the conditions set out here, which are themselves subject to current legislation. Any dispute or litigation that may arise will be dealt with by the appropriate courts in Ibiza. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of use set out here, you should stop using this service. If you have any query in respect of these terms and conditions, please contact: Email: info@anewday.es Telephone: 971 896 625. Postal address: Avenida de Sant Jordi, 7. Local 3. 07800 Ibiza.