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FaceFoodMag is a gastronomic guide in which we cast the spotlight on the experts of the restaurant world — the professionals behind every gastronomic venture. We take our readers into the kitchens of the finest restaurants in the cities that we explore together.

FaceFoodMag is much more than simply a gastronomy blog: this magazine is published not only online, but also in print in several cities of the world. Its content provides an insight, not just into the world of chefs and restaurateurs, but also into the role of the people behind the creation and the running of the catering industry’s top distribution companies. And it goes even further: to look at the people behind “the product” — fishermen, farmers and artisans. To sum up, FaceFoodMag brings you the stories behind the successes, and the hitherto unrevealed secrets of the professionals working behind the scenes to make the fantastic restaurant world possible.

FacefoodMag is bound to become favourite bedtime reading for any gourmet, a guide to the best food and drink the world of haute cuisine can offer. And, should you wish to take the plunge and switch from eating to cooking, you will find recipes in FaceFoodMag from the world’s most influential chefs.

Gastronomy is our world, our landscape, our culture and our pleasure, because everything that goes on in a kitchen or around a table is synonymous with joy.

Welcome to FacefoodMag.