Casanita Cantina y Pescado

My home is your home... That’s the motto of Casanita—cantina and fish restaurant.

And that is how the owners, Gianpaolo, Poldo, Domizio, Paolo and Giacomo, greet customers arriving at their restaurant... or rather... their home. 

Located in a corner of Es Pujols, Casanita has been synonymous with the finest Italian cuisine since 2006. An open kitchen, artisan pasta and an always-full display of fresh fish are among the high points of a visit to this restaurant. All this, combined with their innovative menu, is a delight to even the most discerning diners and a surprise to the most curious. The menu offers Mediterranean dishes and traditional recipes from Italian cuisine. Their specialities feature cod brandade, and baked fish with potatoes, Taggiasca olives and cherry tomatoes. Its décor, impeccable to the very last detail, makes this a colourful, friendly place, perfect for enjoying a meal with family and friends, with a professional standard of service from the young, welcoming staff.

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