Can the Can Restaurant

Today, Portuguese tinned fish are the culmination of a centuries-old process that combines the excellence of the fish itself, the art of manufacturing and the patience to wait for the action of time.

The idea of CAN THE CAN was born of a fascination for this activity and the desire to bring it to a wider audience while increasing its creative possibilities – offering a Mediterranean cuisine using products of established national companies. Can The Can is associated with ANICP, the National Association of Fish Canneries, with the aim of enhancing the gastronomy of the fish canning industry.

The creative chef of Can The Can is Miguel Laffan, previously responsible for bringing the first-ever Michelin Star to the Alentejo region, who, in collaboration with Executive Chef Pedro Almeida and his team, helped get the project off to a great start.
The flavours, colours and textures of each and every dish are an adventure for customers as well as a revolution in the serving Portuguese tinned fish. Here, stories are offered and challenges thrown in dishes that play with time and fascinate the senses.

CAN THE CAN is located in Lisbon’s noble central square, Terreiro do Paço (also known as Praça do Comércio), where the city opens onto the vast river and the gaze is lost in a horizon of ancient routes. At the helm is Elsa Henriques, with open smile and confident hands to the wheel. By this quay there are only departures, and if the ships are cans, we might just be sardines.

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