Chili lobster

Chef: Samuel G. Galdón

Restaurant: Destino

Chili lobster. Destino Restaurant, Ibiza

Recipe Details:


  • For the lobster:
  • 1 locally-sourced lobster
  • 40 g tomato sauce (2 tbsp)
  • 40 g sweet chili sauce
  • 20 g cornflour and water mixture
  • A splash of sweet Pedro Ximénez
  • 15 g onion
  • 15 g ginger
  • 5 g red chili pepper
  • 5 g spring onion (only the green stem)
  • For the Chinese steamed bun:
  • 300 g wheat flour
  • 20 g sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • 20 g yeast
  • 150 ml warm milk
  • 40 ml water
  • 1 tbsp olive oil


For the lobster:
Slice the lobster into medallions. Open the claws and head.

In a very hot wok, sauté the lobster, starting with the claws. Sauté all the ingredients. Add the liquid ingredients. Deglaze the wok. Remove the lobster and continue cooking the sauce until thickened. Top with fresh coriander and spring onions before serving.

For the Chinese steamed bun:
Combine all the ingredients and knead the dough as if making bread. Set the dough aside to rise until it has doubled in size (approximately one hour). Take small portions and roll them into small balls. Stretch them out, roll them (like a tube) and roll them again in the opposite direction (spiral shape). To steam the buns, place them in a pot with boiling water, cover and cook for 30 minutes at low heat. Once steamed, fry them. Heat a generous amount of vegetable oil in a pot, add the buns and turn them over several times whilst pouring the hot oil over them. They will be ready in less than one minute.