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Fusion19 Gastronómico Restaurant

Under the pillars of Product, Memory e Influences Fusion19 invites you to experience the authenticity of Mallorca's local produce through a 5-stage, 13-step, 34-bite tasting menu. Chef Javier Hoebeeck blends our roots and memories with international expertise and consciousness, resulting in a culinary journey through Mediterranean, Asian, and Latin-American cuisines. With 117 unique culinary creations, local produce forms the basis of our gastronomic discourse and culture. Our sustainable culinary proposal is committed to the environment and our roots, nourished by our own orchard. Guests can immerse themselves in our tradition through our creative dishes and specially designed tools by artisans, such as ceramic dishes or knives.

Fusion 19 is part of Grupo Boulevard, a hospitality and restaurant group founded by entrepreneur Juan Ávila. Thirty years of experience dedicated to quality and excellence in service, with a passion for detail and culinary projects.

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