Es Mercat Ibiza

Address: C/ Abad y Lasierra esquina con San Cristofol. Eivissa. España
Phone: 0034 971 152 157
Type of cuisine:
Opening times:
Summer (May a Oct)
Monday: 18:30–02:00
Tuesday: 18:30–02:00
Wednesday: 18:00–02:00
Thursday: 18:00–02:00
Friday: 18:00–02:00
Saturday: 18:00–02:00
Sunday: 18:00–02:00

Winter (de Nov a Apr)
Monday: 12:00–02:00
Tuesday: 12:00–02:00
Wednesday: 12:00–02:00
Thursday: 12:00–02:00
Friday: 12:00–02:00
Saturday: 12:00–02:00
Sunday: 12:00–02:00

  • Croquettes. Es Mercat Ibiza

    Croquettes. Es Mercat Ibiza

  • Restaurant Es Mercat

    Restaurant Es Mercat

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    Restaurant Es Mercat Team

Es Mercat is born from the PRODUCT. We want to claim the fruits and vegetables of our land, the delicacies of our sea, the love we have for the Iberian pig, the tireless search of our wineries to elaborate the most exquisite of the wines, the aperitif of Sundays with friends around the vermouth , the habit of eating, sharing each dish and the pleasure of having a very cold draft beer on a sunny morning.

We are the marriage between kilometer 0 and the seasonal product. We define ourselves as freshly caught, freshly collected; from the producer to the plate, always fresh, always wild, always in season. Market cuisine, simple, direct and understandable by all, a pampered quality product and without complications. Es Mercat is the modern tradition.