Es Mercat Ibiza

Es Mercat restaurant is four crazy people with a firm idea who were born to enjoy every moment.

It’s the love and commitment of their suppliers who search for excellence in their cherished products: the cockerel flirting with the hens at dawn under the farmer’s loving gaze. The fishermen who impatiently wake to win the best trophies; the peasant who feels the earth, caresses the wind and smiles at the rain that feeds his desires. It’s the foam that merrily bubbles on each sip of beer, the patience of the wine-producer, the hard work of the labourer and the flight of an acorn as it falls from a holm oak in the pasture.

It’s those who won’t take no for an answer; who ask children their opinion and listen when they talk to the elderly; those who decide to discover the most unusual wine at a meal. It’s the people who live impossible dreams, the dreamers of everyday stories; those who smile when things go wrong and weep for joy when they go well.

It’s the happiness of serving you every day.

Es Mercat Ibiza - Table reservation

Table reservation


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