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Qual House, your premium products distributor

Qual House, your premium products distributor

Jorge Reis, Luis Lino & Miguel Sousa © ffmag

Founded in 2000, Qual House is a company dedicated to the nationwide distribution of premium food products for the HORECA channel. At that time, Portugal was embracing a more expansive gastronomic landscape, yet emerging chefs faced a challenge— they had limited access to international ingredients, especially high-end products that could fuel their creativity and innovation. It was against this backdrop that Qual House – Produtos Alimentares Lda (Food Products Ltd) was born, founded by two friends. One of the founding partners, Jorge Reis Paula, hailing from the Lisbon Stock Exchange, remains a partner, overseeing the financial and logistics departments. In 2005, following the departure of the other founding partner, Luis Lino joined the company's commercial department, taking over the commercial management for the northern region. By 2019, he had assumed the overall commercial management of the company as well as taking on the role of director of purchases. His responsibilities also entailed the continuous enhancement of the portfolio and nurturing relationships with partners and suppliers. Professionally, Luis Lino has predominantly held commercial positions in the food sector, notably in a Spanish company with the same headquarters as Qual House, where he gained crucial insights and training in the premium food market. In 2015, a pivotal moment in the company's evolution occurred with an internal evaluation leading to the decision to open Qual House to venture capital. This strategic move, crucial for exponential business growth and diversification into new product families, welcomed Antonio de Souza-Cardoso, a seasoned lawyer with extensive management and associativism experience, and Miguel Sousa Otto, a manager, marketeer, consultant for major multinational brands, and former commercial and marketing director of BCP at its foundation. This infusion of expertise and strategic vision has propelled Qual House to new heights.

Bread. Qual House, Portugal

Bread © Qual House

Qual House is increasingly asserting itself as a company specialised in the launch and consolidation of premium brands in Portugal. In pursuit of exceptional offerings for our clients, we seek out leading companies within their market segments with distinctive and innovative products. We believe that a commitment to quality is the only enduring stance, and those customers who embrace this philosophy will be the ones most likely to succeed. Confident in this growing awareness, knowledge, and passion of the end consumer for gastronomic culture, we understand the significance of those who invest in and utilise high-quality products with recognised prestige transcending borders. Our meticulous research and selection process involves working with partners who share strong environmental and sustainability concerns and hold the most comprehensive certifications in quality and food safety. Proudly boasting over 100 suppliers, we feature well-known brands such as, Atún Balfegó, Bacalao Giraldo, Carsegal meats, Caviar de Neuvic, 5th range GBech, Jamones Blàzquez, La Finca meats, artisanal ice creams from Glace des Alpes, Jean Routhiau carpaccios and fillings, Aquanaria Sea Bass, and artisanal bread from Triticum.

In 2020, amid the pandemic, we identified the clear need to expand our presence in the national market to a 360-degree perspective. Thus, the creation of Stamen – Distribuição de Produtos Alimentares, Lda (Distribution of Food Products Ltd) with three new business areas: Stamen Asiáticos (Stamen Asian), Stamen Pescado (Stamen Fish), and Stamen Frutas e Verduras (Stamen Fruit & Vegetables). With this extensive range, we likely stand as the only Portuguese company in the premium segment with the capability to supply virtually all the food products necessary for a restaurant's operations.


Stamen Asian

As a result of a significant growth in the popularity of Asian cuisine and the increasingly widespread use of Asian products in all culinary domains, we decided to create an offering tailored to this rising demand. In doing so, we have established international partnerships and assembled a specialised team in this business area. Currently, we stand as one of the key players in this continually evolving market. We persist in developing and expanding our offerings, always striving to identify the finest products, origins, and brands to meet the needs of our customers. For sushi restaurants within the Qual House/Stamen group, we provide a comprehensive selection of all the necessary products for sushi preparation. This approach facilitates more efficient management of their purchases, ensuring that they can easily access everything required through our offerings.

Fish. Qual House, Portugal

Fish © Qual House


Stamen Fish

The initial partnership we established with Leroy for the distribution of their products to customers in the Lisbon area was a significant starting point for us to assert ourselves in this unique and demanding world, deeply rooted in Portuguese tradition. Guided by our specialist, Frederico Fontes, we have evolved, expanded our know-how, forged new partnerships. Today, we boast a comprehensive, competitive, and distinctive range of fresh and frozen seafood products. Our modern, certified facilities near MARL enable us to process fresh seafood, allowing us to serve customers from north to south in the most appropriate formats: whether whole, scaled, gutted, filleted, or portioned. Our diverse offerings cater to a diverse range of restaurants, making us capable of supplying them with the added value we have consistently delivered.


Stamen Fruits & Vegetables

The preparation of fruits and vegetables for cooking or ready-to-serve has emerged as a vital necessity, acknowledged by many professionals. This awareness is driven by the widely discussed shortage of manpower, the need of optimising cost and waste control, and the desire to streamline kitchen operations. Why spend time and money washing, sanitising, and chopping when there is the option to receive everything ready to use? Our solution is to provide professionally prepared fruits and vegetables with a guarantee of quality and food safety, all at controlled costs. It is these types of solutions that we bring to the market.

"Try Me" is a biennial event organised by Qual House that brings together around 30 suppliers, offering hundreds of products for tasting. This event provides attendees with the opportunity to sample products, interact with producers, gather suggestions, attend lectures and demonstrations, and even witness our sushi competition. With over 600 professional visitors at each event, we take pride in the pursuit of continuous improvement. In 2024, "Try Me" is scheduled to take place on February 28th, running from 10:00-19:00, at its usual venue, the Carlos Lopes Pavilion in Lisbon. We extend an invitation for you to visit us during this event. To secure your place, kindly reach out to us for registration, as access is reserved for our esteemed guests. We would be delighted to have you join us for this enriching experience.

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