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Imanol Barra Basca: Basque Country flavours in Príncipe Real

Imanol Barra Basca: Basque Country flavours in Príncipe Real


Imanol Barra Basca is in the heart of lively Príncipe Real neighbourhood in Lisbon and pays tribute to the relaxed vibe of the Basque Country’s famous bars. This new space was created by Grupo Plateform and its Portuguese CEO Rui Sanches in collaboration with Spanish chef Aitor Ansorena, and is all set to offer unique, shared experiences and cultural exchanges.

Spain was the inspiration behind Imanol Barra Basca, and Sanches and Ansorena decided to take traditional Basque flavours and branch out to picturesque Príncipe Real. Ansorena was born in the Basque Country and grew up in Madrid, and he brings with him the heritage of a family that has created the finest grill house in the Spanish capital. His father, who has many tales of the Franco years, instilled in him the art of being welcoming and hospitable through Basque cooking, which is characterised by a clear sense of joie de vivre.

Squid sandwich. Imanol Barra Basca Restaurant

Squid sandwich © Imanol Barra Basca

Imanol Barra Basca represents a continuation of the “by people for the people” tradition that began in Madrid, where Basque cooking plays a leading role. For Ansorena, this new project sees this philosophy extend to Lisbon.

Rui Sanches is keenly aware of Lisbon’s rich cultural diversity and emphasises that the restaurant sector is responsible for contributing to its plurality. On this topic, he explains: “Lisbon has the historic characteristic of welcoming so many different cultures and we can definitely learn from them. It’s our responsibility, and the restaurant sector’s too, to contribute to this diversity and the multicultural nature of the city. Basque cooking has a rich history and is one of my favourite cuisines; it encourages people to share experiences and appreciate its culinary heritage.”

Imanol tortilla. Imanol Barra Basca

Imanol tortilla © Imanol Barra Basca

The menu at Imanol Barra Basca is a true feast for fans of Basque food. Highlights among the cold pintxos include delights such as the salmon stuffed with crab paste and the Gordal olive, Ibarra chilli pepper and anchovy brochette. Hot pintxos include options such as the traditional Imanol tortilla, the mini burger with cherry tomato compote, goat cheese and smoked pancetta, and the squid sandwich. A selection of tapas rounds off the experience, and you can choose from dishes such as Iberian shoulder, Piquillo peppers, Iberian ham or mushroom croquettes, txistorra, smashed eggs with Iberian shoulder and squid with aioli.

And make sure finish your meal in style with one of the wonderful desserts. The traditional cheesecake and the chocolate cake with fleur de sel are guaranteed to satisfy sweet-toothed diners at Imanol Barra Basca.

Cheesecake. Imanol Barra Basca

Cheesecake © Imanol Barra Basca

With its relaxed and cosy atmosphere, this new space in Príncipe Real invites Lisbon residents to enjoy unique, shared experiences at and around the table, and to explore the rich heritage of Basque cooking and its famous hospitality. Imanol Barra Basca is more than just a restaurant, it’s a celebration of flavours and cultures, a bridge between the Basque Country and Lisbon, uniting tradition and innovation at the dining table.

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