Nagai Restaurant

If you persist, it won’t resist!

One day someone asked me, "Hey, what is your profession?" It was on the terrace of the Grand hotel and they were interviewing me to work as a tourist guide for a corporate group of a well-known car company ... It took me a while to answer because that question hides the seed of genius that can be found in the most diverse situations and businesses in Ibiza. I realized that people go to a place or call a professional because there is a special reason ... a dish, a person, a result.

In Nagai, after 10 years, people come back for a dish, for a treatment, for an atmosphere, and that is the best reward for us!

In the end, I answered, "My profession is, To live on Ibiza!" And I think that can be valid for many people, with joy and with the sun that warms us and rewards us!

Delighted and grateful to be creating the best version of our life!

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