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Chi Kee Wun Ibiza. The culinary journey where Asia meets the Mediterranean

Chi Kee Wun Ibiza. The culinary journey where Asia meets the Mediterranean

In the heart of Sant Antoni is one of the places gaining the most attention on the island this summer: Chi Kee Wun Ibiza. A restaurant that combines traditional Chinese cuisine with Asian fusion and the finest Mediterranean flavours, all set within a secret garden that invites diners to immerse themselves in a sensory exotic adventure and discover a unique culinary experience.


The menu: from the Far East to the Mediterranean

If you thought that you had seen it all, gastronomically speaking, in Ibiza, you are mistaken. Because the menu of Chi Kee Wun invites diners to embark on a delicious journey through the most archetypal traditional Chinese recipes, with a distinctive touch and the freshness of the finest Mediterranean ingredients. Their specialities include the popular dim sum, for which you can choose between aromatic duck, pork, foie gras, Chinese cabbage and shrimp and lime. Deciding will not be easy!

Each dish is a well-thought-out mix of flavours from land and sea, carefully selected to captivate your palate. Another of Chi Kee Wun’s gems are the pan-fried Ibizan king prawns: a delicacy that perfectly represents the fusion between Asian gastronomy and the most deep-rooted local flavours. What’s more, the Sichuan squid with papaya salad and the crispy Chi Kee Wun-style chicken are other tempting options that will delight the most discerning diners.

Gyoza. Chi Kee Wun Restaurant Ibiza


Asian flavours... also in your glass!

The restaurant Chi Kee Wun does not also dazzle with its exquisite food but also Bar Chi Kee Little Livener: a neon-decorated bar where you can enjoy the most refreshing exotic cocktails. Professional mixologists create daring blends of unconventional ingredients, such as lychee, jasmine, yuzu and shiso liqueurs, using only the highest quality spirits to guarantee a truly unique drinking experience.

Pekin Pornstar cocktail. Chi Kee Wun Restaurant Ibiza


An irresistible atmosphere

The atmosphere at Chi Kee Wun is another one of its strong points. With round tables that encourage a convivial spirit among diners, the restaurant features an original lighting installation that blends in with the beautiful and exotic surrounding nature. What’s more, for those looking for a more intimate experience, Chi Kee Wun Ibiza boasts Red 22, a private space where you can enjoy the same Asian specialities in the peace and comfort of a welcoming and discrete room.

Chi Kee Wun Ibiza is the perfect place for those looking for a unique culinary experience that combines the best of traditional Chinese cooking with subtle contemporary touches. With its conceptual ambience, Bar Chi Kee Livener and impeccable design that is completely in tune with nature, the restaurant invites you to experience unforgettable moments during the summer season on the Isla Bonita. Don’t miss this delicious fusion of culinary traditions and flavours at Chi Kee Wun Ibiza!

Noodles with vegetables and chicken. Chi Kee Wun Restaurant Ibiza

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