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Blue Marlin Ibiza: An unforgettable culinary experience

Blue Marlin Ibiza: An unforgettable culinary experience 

Josetxo Arrieta © ffmag

From the moment we reach the end of the road and the spectacular vista of Cala Jondal opens up before us (an almost virgin bay with crystal-clear waters of the deepest turquoise blue, hugged by a wild Mediterranean wooded area of juniper and pine trees), we know that this where we want to spend the rest of our lives. 

And in this remarkable setting, in the most idyllic corner of the cove, stands Blue Marlin Ibiza, a modern Beach Restaurant with one of the island’s most comprehensive leisure offerings. Blue Marlin Ibiza is a multi-concept complex providing a lounger hire service on the beach, a terrace, an exceptionally high quality restaurant, and a programme of events with international DJs that will fulfil the expectations of even the most exacting customers. 

Although this is a pebble beach, Blue Marlin Ibiza has created a jetty to facilitate customers’ access to the sea. In summer, boats from the nearby marinas come to dock in these gentle waters.

Blue Marlin ibiza

Blue Marlin ibiza © Blue Marlin Ibiza


Modern Mediterranean cuisine using the very finest ingredients

At Blue Marlin Ibiza, customers can eat in the restaurant, on the terrace or on the beach itself. Although the menus vary depending on which space you choose, fresh quality ingredients are a common denominator. The focus is on premium ingredients such as organic fruit and vegetables, certified wagyu meats, and especially on the local fish and seafood which without question are the focal point of the restaurant.

Josetxo Arrieta, chief executive of Blue Marlin Ibiza, is quite clear on this: “This year we have returned to Mediterranean cuisine, to very traditional cooking albeit with a fantastic technique, and we use the very finest ingredients, whether local or from anywhere in the world. For us, the important thing is the ingredients — and not dressing them up”. He goes further: “People who come here take off their shoes, their suits; they come to eat and enjoy the events we put on, and that’s why the food we produce is very light, so that that you can go on eating and having fun. Our kitchen is focused on ingredients first, last and in between...”, and he adds, with pride, “We have fish that the fishermen bring us every day at 6.30 p.m., and that’s a luxury — when it arrives, it’s still moving”.

Burrata. Blue Marlin Ibiza

Burrata © Blue Marlin Ibiza


Josetxo Arrieta: “We have fish that the fishermen bring us every day at 6.30 p.m., and that’s a luxury — when it arrives, it’s still moving”

At Blue Marlin Ibiza, you can also enjoy their superb cuisine on the beach front, with a special menu of dishes served to customers on their beach loungers. This menu centres on the excellent and refreshing sushis and sashimis. You can also opt for a premium version of street food, such as a piada, a wrap or a ciabatta or, of course, a salad. All fresh and light, but most of all very, very good. 


Liquid poetry 

The sun, the beach, the breeze caressing your face... You’ve enjoyed a spectacular meal, the atmosphere is amazing, the complex is full of people from all over the world who have come to enjoy the international DJ events... Is anything missing? A cocktail, perhaps? Then you’re in the right place.

At Blue Marlin Ibiza, customers are invited to sample a mouthwatering selection of cocktails (a carefully prepared blend of fresh ingredients with premium branded drinks from the bar) to round off an amazing gastronomic experience. Behind this irresistible offer is a team of talented mixologists, who transform every cocktail into something to awaken the senses with refreshing touches of fruits and spices. The ingredients are blended to achieve perfect harmony, the ultimate finishing touch to a unique dawn-till-dusk gastronomic experience in the idyllic setting of the beach at Cala Jondal. Blue Marlin Ibiza awakens the senses with its selection of sublime cocktails. With an infusion of spices and an explosion of flavour, each cocktail is designed to linger on the tastebuds and to evoke a lasting memory of summer. The exquisite blend of harmonious ingredients represents a quest for supreme pleasure.

And to complete this amazing gastronomic experience: cocktails made with fresh ingredients, perfectly blended with premium branded drinks form the bar, by talented mixologists...

Helados caseros, homemade ice creams. Blue Marlin Ibiza

Homemade ice creams © Blue Marlin Ibiza

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