Las Dos Lunas

High protective stone walls hide an oasis filled with a delightful rhythm. In this magical place you can live the authentic bohemian essence of the island: Las Dos Lunas restaurant

The unique Mediterranean garden embodies the spirit that has made Ibiza world renown. It's a must on any connoisseur's list, having been run by the Lucarini family since its doors first opened in 1981.

Countless stories and anecdotes have taken place under these grape vines and bougainvilleas. The palpable heritage and harmonic beauty in the terrace has made Las dos Lunas the favourite of many of its loyal international and local clientele.

Everyone is treated like a King or Queen here. That's why when supermodels, rockstars or royalty come, there is no need to change the protocol.

Las Dos Lunas - Table reservation

Table reservation


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