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Pure The Winery: Surrender to the pleasure of the first zero-sugar wine

🥇🥇 Pure The Winery, the first zero-sugar wine

Yamila Ale © Pure The Winery

The moment has arrived when we can embrace untainted pleasure and discover this option which has a full body, acidity and elegance. Everything you look for in a wine but for the first time ever, sugar-free and vegan. With the same alcohol content as a traditional wine (10.5% Vol), but with far fewer calories. Are you a #PURElover yet? Discover Pure The Winery, the first zero-sugar wine.

Fine weather, golden sunsets, the Mediterranean... This time of the year feels like a call to hedonism, the optimum moment to treat body and soul, and PURE The Winery provides the perfect helping hand. 

The offer ranges from a delicious, refreshing sparking rosé aperitif to a white with floral and fruity notes — the perfect accompaniment to a rice dish savoured while gazing out over the sea. And yes, cocktail lovers are also in luck because PURE is a versatile product: a superb mixology ingredient. All this, and zero sugar.

This momentous project, which originated in Italy and was initiated by a group of wine lovers, is clearly aimed at people who like to relax and have fun — and still be able to enjoy a glass of wine without sacrificing any of the pleasure. PURE is a local easy-drinking wine, a fabulous drink to enjoy with friends, but significantly lower in calories than traditional wine.

White wine Pure The Winery

White wine © Pure The Winery

The process of developing PURE The Winery has not been an easy one: this new category within the world of wine has involved many years of research, oenologists from the best wineries, a rigorous study of the fermentation process, and the careful selection of grapes at the precise point of ripeness. Thus, by combining traditional techniques with innovations in wine making, the natural sugars are converted into alcohol and the residual sugars disappear completely through the use of special grapes that are regularly used to produce some of the finest wines in the world. Not only that: the manufacturing process involves no ingredients of animal origin (these are commonly used in the process of clarifying wine), so PURE is a 100% vegan wine.

The grapes used in the making of PURE are located in Calamandra, Piamonte, one of Italy’s most prestigious wine-growing regions. This is the finest spot to harvest the Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Barbera and Merlot grape varieties used in making the four stalwarts suitable for any occasion: white, red, sparkling white and sparkling rosé.

Yamila Ale is the General Manager of PURE The Winery in Spain. With operations in Ibiza, London and Madrid, the career of this restless entrepreneur has been dedicated to promoting well-being through various businesses linked to healthy lifestyle choices and to wine tourism. So it comes as no surprise that these two passions have merged to produce a completely new offering in the marketplace. “As wine lovers, we asked ourselves why, in many countries, people were drinking less. What could be better than a glass of wine as a reward for hard work? That’s why we began researching, and we discovered that many people felt guilty about drinking wine because of the calorie and carbohydrate content of one glass. To a great extent, the calorie count of wine is due to the presence of unfermented sugars — those that have not been turned into alcohol during the manufacturing process, and are not needed to give the wine a good flavour. So began our quest to offer a sugar-free wine. And we succeeded!”, says Yamila. 

PURE The Winery is a great choice for those who like to try something different, and who are seeking a healthy lifestyle, full of foodie pleasures. A completely natural wine (which is also low in sulphites and made without mechanised processes, sweeteners or additives), a new, local and innovative concept in wine, and one that is here to stay, because the number of PURELovers keeps on growing.

Pure The Winery varieties

Pure The Winery varieties © Pure The Winery


These are the four Pure The Winery varieties

Pure Red

Ruby-coloured with a violet tint, this dry, smooth, red wine is perfect for any occasion. It has a fresh, fruity cherry and forest fruits bouquet, with a mellow aftertaste. 
Grapes: Barbera and Merlot.

Pure White

A wine blending floral and fruity notes. Fresh and full-bodied, Pure White leaves a pleasant taste, with the final hint of balanced acidity characteristic of these grape varieties.
Grapes: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Pure Sparkling Rosé

Light pink in colour, with hints of orange, this sparkling wine has a citrussy bouquet with floral and forest fruit notes. A smooth, full-bodied wine, with delicate bubbles and a pleasant acidic aftertaste. 
Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir.

Pure Sparkling White

This golden-hued sparkling wine has delicate bubbles and leaves a mild acidic aftertaste. A floral-fruity bouquet with a fresh aroma, a full body and a unique flavour. 
Grapes: Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.


How to make a wine cocktail: "Pure Pink Sunset"

A suggestion from Max Vázquez, Bartender at PURE The Winery

45 ml gin
4 sprigs of thyme (crushed)
30 ml fresh grapefruit juice:
30 ml Ibiza lemon juice
Honey to taste
PURE Sparkling Zero-Sugar Rosé
Figs and thyme for decoration

Add the gin and the sprigs of thyme to a cocktail shaker or an unbreakable lidded glass container, and crush the sprigs of thyme to intensify the taste of the finished cocktail. Pour in the grapefruit juice and lemon juice, together with the honey (diluted two parts water to one of honey), or add them directly to the cocktail shaker, stirring vigorously. Add three ice cubes and shake. This is a long drink, so it is best served in a tall glass, topped up with PURE The Winery Sparkling Zero-Sugar Rosé as the finishing touch. Decorate with figs and thyme.

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