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The Hermanos Meneghello shop: a paradise for Ibiza’s foodies

The Hermanos Meneghello shop: a paradise for Ibiza’s foodies

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Almost four decades ago, the brothers Piere Paolo and Andrea founded Hermanos Meneghello, a company that started out by distributing a small selection of food items for the hospitality sector and has become the main supplier of fish and Italian and Asian products, among many other things, on the island. Their shop, situated in the Montecristo industrial estate, is also open to individual customers: the perfect opportunity for Ibiza’s foodies, who will find an extensive variety of quality products that are hard to find in other establishments.

After a lifetime together, tirelessly manning their company, the Meneghello brothers welcomed a new addition to the team six years ago: their director, Juan Marí Carvajal. ‘I started out at Meneghello and after three years we created our fish line’. After four years in the business, I took on the role of director, so that Andrea and Piere Paolo could take more of a back seat, because, after all the work they had done, they deserved to enjoy some of the fruits of their effort. They are still very active in the company, however, because, at the end of the day, it is their passion. But I think we have found a perfect balance’, he says.

Italian pasta. Hermanos Meneghello. Ibiza

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In regard to his work at Hermanos Meneghello, Juan Marí explains that it has revolved around modernising the company in order to make it more competitive. ‘Over recent years, we have undergone marked growth. Having got to this point, my aim is that we keep on the same track and gradually improve’, he maintains.


A gourmet food shop open to the general public

One of the main objectives of Hermanos Meneghello is to make the shop known not only to professionals from the hospitality sector but also individual customers, who will find a huge selection of top-quality products to use at home for their favourite recipes. We have a varied selection of Asian products, molecular gastronomy products (pastry making ingredients, chocolate, texturing agents, different types of bread, etc.) Mexican and Italian ingredients - including different types of pasta, cured meat and sausages, and sauces - oil, frozen sourdough bread and all kinds of fish: caviar, king crab, oysters, local fish from Ibiza, sea bass, gilt-head bream, and salmon, among others. ‘Many have no idea that our shop is open to the general public’, says Juan Marí, inviting us to visit the Hermanos Meneghello shop, situated in the Montecristo industrial estate (Carretera de San Antonio).

Asiatic products. Hermanos Meneghello, Ibiza

Asiatic products © ffmag


The Hermanos Meneghello team: a close-knit family

There is no doubt that this year has been full of obstacles for everyone, but especially, for businesses. In regard to 2020, Juan Marí notes that it has been a year in which the team has really had to adapt, more than the business itself. ‘Without a doubt, the most important thing in the company to this date are the staff. We’ve learnt to look after the people around us, both employees and customers, and to empathise with each person’s situation in order to come through it together. Hermanos Menhegello wouldn’t be where it is now if it wasn’t for the great team that’s behind it. It has been a very difficult time and the company has gone to great lengths to help all our staff. And, as the company director, I can attest to the fact that it has been reciprocal: our employees have also done their all to ensure that the business moves forward in these difficult times’, notes Juan Marí.

The Hermanos Meneghello team

Team Hermanos Meneghello © ffmag

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