Za´atar is a Lebanese restaurant from the José Avillez Group in partnership with Joe Barza. With more than 100 local and international events to his name, Barza is a peerless promoter of Lebanese cuisine and, in 2011, was the head judge of the Middle Eastern version of the television programme Top Chef, winner of an Emmy award.

Barza is recognised the world over as one of the key people responsible for the international notoriety of Lebanese cuisine.

With this restaurant, José Avillez and Joe Barza make a substantial contribution to enriching the Lisbon food scene.

At Za´atar you can find all the traditional Lebanese dishes, from the Karkachat welcome bread service to hot and cold Mezze – a combination of different small dishes such as Baba Ghanoush (smoked and grilled aubergine with tahini and pomegranate), Labneh W Toum (Lebanese yoghurt with olive oil and mint) and Batata Harra (crunchy potatoes sautéed with garlic, paprika, coriander and lemon), among others. To bring your meal to a close there are Lebanese desserts such as Fostkieh W Bouzit Michmouch (apricot sorbet with pistachio cream paste) and a selection of original cocktails and herbal teas.

Enjoy all of this in a space designed by the Lebanese interior designer Nayla Khoury, who transports us to a land of contrasts (much like Lebanon itself), which perfectly encapsulates the Lebanese duality of the old and the new, and the modern and the classic of the East and West.

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