XXL by Olivier

In one of Lisbon’s most emblematic restaurants, just across the Assembly of the Republic, the presidential oath is taken by the new “government” of XL, thus becoming XXL. The Olivier Group has taken over the management of this iconic space brought to light by Vasco Gallego in 1994. The menu retains the soufflés and steaks that benchmarked a generation while adopting gastronomic offers with the Olivier da Costa twist.

Opening its doors in 1994, it rapidly became a hotspot for politicians, artists, investors and the national jet-set. Vasco Gallego, Founder of this iconic São Bento landmark, passed the torch in November 2021 directly onto Olivier da Costa, restaurateur with 25 years of career and more than 20 restaurants in 3 continents under his belt. Fuelled by this vast experience and in order to reflect the great ambition of this project, the new board added an X to the designation of the iconic restaurant, thus becoming XXL.

XXL by Olivier - Table reservation

Table reservation


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