Chef João Duarte was born and raised in the countryside, connected to the earth. Since an early age he remembers helping his family in the agricultural work, which was, for a long time, known for its wheat fields. It was his grandparents, in a rudimental and handmade process, processing the wheat and, in this context, they introduce the Tarara (an instrument used to clean the wheat grains to produce flour) in a Chef’s life, fomenting this fascination by the transformation of raw materials.

Restaurant Tarara comprehends the fusion between the new and the old, the traditional and the modern, technique and improvisation. The process of transformation of the wheat in flour it’s the appropriate metaphor to the way the Chef wants to deconstruct the raw material to, in sum, make it a masterpiece.

The Tuna Spicy Takitos, the Turbot Usuzukuri and Tempura Salad are the Chef’s essential and renowned dishes. You can also expect new dishes like Yakitoris, Fish Flaps and Fried Rice. Don’t forget that Wednesdays are reserved for Sushi.

This is a space of where you can live cultural influences, where the sea and the land merge together, as well as the traditional and contemporary.

Tarara - Table reservation

Table reservation


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