Taberna Ó Balcão

The Taberna Ó Balcão, inaugurated in 2013, is an old reinvented tavern that proposes sharing around the table: the flavors, the memories and the tradition of being Portuguese. Rodrigo Castelo has recovered some regional recipes and works the local products, from the braised to the fish of the Tagus, in a house that is both typical and contemporary, cultivates a kitchen “sentimental and appeals to the emotions”, distinguishing itself by the way it renews the dishes, snacks and typical ingredients, in homage to the gastronomy of the region that saw it born. Santarém gained a place of reference in the national gastronomy, and that the tradition returned to be what it was, justifying itself always a visit, because every day in the kitchen of this restaurant is different and there are things that are obligatory to prove, at least once in life. In the Taberna Ó Balcão it is possible to choose the menu or tasting menu (between 5 to 13 dishes).

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