Taberna da Praça

The Taberna da Praça, turn towards the front of the Pousada and the square of arms, is a unique and inviting space, perfect for a casual dinner or some snacks at midday. Its unique decor with a more social area and another more demure, besides an area of tables and high stools that tempt you to start a conversation with friends or strangers, leave you immediately at ease to taste the great specialties of Portuguese cuisine and the regional products of the best source.

The Tavern is a merry making space par excellence, inspired by the movement "Overdue of Life. "With jantantes" as distinguished as Oliveira Martins, Guerra Junqueiro, Ramalho Ortigão and of course, Eça de Queiroz. Very close to the King D. Carlos, who loved Cascais and chosed the fortress as a resting space, they met here several times. The protagonists of this movement have disappeared, but the jantante and literary spirit are alive and well in this Taberna. 

In menus, several quotes from Portuguese and foreign authors establish the link between literature and cuisine. Come with time - and appetite - since you don't know how late the inspiring flavors and good company will make you want to stay. So whether you prefer to stay at the party like area or in the more elegant - or outside, on the amazing terrace that gives even more life to summer nights - you can be sure you can go around Portugal through it's delicious snacks.

Taberna da Praça - Table reservation

Table reservation


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