Restaurante Pesca – Diogo Noronha

Address: Rua da Escola Politécnica, 27. Príncipe Real - Bairro Alto - Chiado. Portugal
Phone: 00351 213 460 633
Type of cuisine: ,
Opening times:
Horário (de verão + inverno): de terça-feira a domingo, das 12h00 às 15h00 e das 19h00 às 00h00.
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12:00–15:00, 19:00–00:00
Wednesday: 12:00–15:00, 19:00–00:00
Thursday: 12:00–00:00, 19:00–00:00
Friday: 00:00–00:00, 19:00–00:00
Saturday: 00:00–00:00, 19:00–00:00
Sunday: 00:00–00:00, 19:00–00:00

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    Carabinero prawn from Algarve

  • Restaurante Pesca - Diogo Noronha, Lisbon

    Restaurante Pesca - Diogo Noronha

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Pesca restaurant is a unique concept in Lisbon. Considered among the best in the world, Portuguese fish is the focus of this restaurant, conceived by the creative chef Diogo Noronha, in partnership with Plateform group. Since 2019, it has been featured in the famous Michelin Guide in the Michelin Plate category and has been awarded the Two Forks” rating.

Opened two years ago, in the charm quarter of Príncipe Real, Pesca taking a fresh approach to the wealth of Atlantic food, having as philosophy a commitment to the inevitable path of sustainability. From the restaurant to the signature oyster and cocktail bar, the entire staff works to minimize their ecological footprint.

Cooking is an act of love in which time is the main seasoning. That is why, at Pesca, the year seasons´s dictate what is served in each dish. In addition to the à la carte options, which include vegetarian options, Pesca suggests two sensory experiences, the Maresia and Maré menus. The first is a tribute to the recognized quality of Portuguese seafood and the Azorean sea. Maré menu, inspired by the Portuguese passion for fish, is a deep journey that begins on land and crosses the Atlantic coast. Seven moments created for the rediscovery of the flavors that bring the sea to our mouth.