Prado Restaurant

Located in the centre of Lisbon, near the Cathedral, this restaurant opened its doors in December 2017. The new owners have managed to conserve and transfer the previous life of the building where the Prado restaurant is located. It was an old confectionery factory, and when the restoration and conditioning work began, the owners saw remnants of that old factory covered by thick blankets of vegetation. They used nature as a reference to create the restaurant’s concept and cuisine style. They restored and used remains found in the factory in the restaurant.

Prado is an adaptation of the concept “from farm to table”, a cooking style where all products travel directly from the farmer to the end customer with as few intermediaries as possible.

António Galapito is at the helm of the kitchen; he has been in charge of forming bonds with farmers, fishermen and producers, creating a network of almost exclusive suppliers, who service the restaurant with organic, biodynamic and natural wines and an infinite amount of fresh products.

With a 1.2-metre high grill that only burns olive trees and grape vine wood to cook food, Prado’s menu uses only 100% Portuguese ingredients and offers a wine list prepared by national winemakers. All this fused with the references and experiences of chef António Galapito and his team.

Prado’s kitchen style, shaped according to the chef’s vision, is versatile and varied, and it stays true to the concept of the restaurant. The menu reflects the natural availability of the ingredients, being seasonal, local and fresh.

When you dine at Prado, you will feel at home.

Restaurante Prado - Table reservation

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