Pizzeria ZeroZero

Conquered Lisbon’s bustling centre when it opened and soon expanded to other locations in Portugal’s capital.

At ZeroZero, Platefom’s pizzeria, the menu was prepared to the last detail: the cheeses, the delicatessen items, the wines and the proseccos are all obtained from leading Italian producers and, in most cases, bear the PDO seal (protected designation of origin).

The 00 flour is the basis for delicious crispy pizzas, made in a wood-fired oven, that conjure the intense genuine flavours of traditional Italian cuisine.

ZeroZero also serves the freshest pastas, the creamiest risotto and the indispensable traditional desserts.

The restaurants stand out for their organic decoration, abundant in wood and plants, and patios which are a refuge from Lisbon’s hustle and bustle.

Pizzeria ZeroZero - Table reservation

Table reservation


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