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Justa Nobre is one of the most respected names in the Portuguese cuisine scene, no doubt the highest exponent of the most typical Portuguese flavors. Born in the heart of Trás-os-Montes, Justa Nobre transported soul and taste of traditional Portuguese cuisine to the capital, Lisbon. Soon she became a chef and opened her own space, which has since become a reference of the best Portuguese gastronomy, frequented by the society of Lisbon, including the most respected businessmen, artists and politicians, seduced by the real origins of the Portuguese gastronomic culture. Known for reinventing good Portuguese cuisine, Justa Nobre has always been concerned with using new and quality products in the confection of her recipes.


Inspirations, Traditions and Origins

Many of the inspirations and flavors that have always accompanied Justa Nobre, have origin in the Trás-os-Montes province. The colors and textures of the ingredients enchant and inspires her in every recipe. Seasonality is another relevant factor in her choices, to ensure that the ingredients are served at the right time, with all of their characteristics intact. Justa´s constant curiosity makes her look at food with a creative perspective, making them versatile and creating new recipes, but always without losing sight of what is traditional, which is Portuguese. Some of te Chef´s specialties are the Spider Crab Soup, the Loin of Wild Seabass Justa signature and the Baked leg of Kid in the oven “Transmontana” style.

O Nobre is a restaurant where Chef Justa Nobre presents her best dishes. Familiar and welcoming environment. It is the perfect place for those who appreciate good portuguese cuisine with quality raw materials.

o Nobre - Table reservation

Table reservation


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