Narcissus Fernandesii Restaurant

António Alves and Maria Ana Alves dreamed about building a Hotel that reflected their lifetime business-the marble, turning this into a unique hotel worldwide with a spa constructed directly on a quarry.

The Restaurant Narcissus Fernandesii has Pedro Mendes as executive chef, mostly known for his pioneer work reintroducing ‘acorn’ in human diet, a product abundant in Alentejo and with strong presence on the menus, from the homemade bread, through the starters, mains and desserts.

The Restaurant serves an author menu based in the seasons, local products and traditions and has its own vegetable garden.

The dish that represents the concept, is a stuffed onion with porck feet in coriander, a traditional dish with new and contemporary ‘clothing’ in a sophisticated environment.

Restaurante Narcissus Fernandesii - Table reservation

Table reservation


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