Meat Me – Assador Moderno

Fire, breed, leather, strength… adjectives that come to life in SEAME GROUP’s new meat “temple”: Meat Me – Assador Moderno. Composed of three distinct and independent areas.

The restaurant led by Chef Tomás Pires, presents a menu divided by animal and different cuts. Ox/beef, pork, poultry but also fish naturally.

We start in the pan and end up on the grill!

These different types of grill techniques that make Meat Me a real gastronomic ember, for those who want to taste the bests meats of Lisboa.

In addition to the restaurant there is also a bar and library where you can taste bespoke cocktails by Vasco Martins and some of the best bourbons and whiskeys in town.

Outside, the terrace takes us on a journey to the Mediterranean. Full of fresh flowers with lighter and more delicate aromas and flavours. An Ode to Chiado.

Meat Me – Assador Moderno - Table reservation

Table reservation


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