Mãe Cozinha Com Amor

Praise to all Mothers.

Mom's food is the best in the world. But who is this Mother who cooks so well? All of them. Every child's mother. In this case, chef João Diogo Saloio's mother, who is an inspiration for the dishes in his restaurant. But there are also partners' mothers and friends' mothers, as well as clients' mothers, who are also the best in the world. The brand image is the countless photographs of mothers placed on the wall, which creates a close relationship with customers and, as chef João Diogo Saloio says: “the good son returns to the house”.

For the three childhood friends/partners from Santarém, this conviction was the starting point for the business. It is a tribute and a symbol of eternal gratitude. "Mother" it's where the memories of mothers are tasted. Mothers who cooked, encouraged, influenced, supported and now see themselves portrayed in one of the noblest ways, the gastronomic experience.

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