Lobo Mau

Founded in 2019, Lobo Mau Restaurante proposes an experience of traditional Portuguese cuisine with a touch of the experiences of Chef Hugo Guerra who leads this peculiar pack of "wolves" and is also the owner of the restaurant.

Tradition and love are the keywords that define the essence of Lobo Mau Restaurante, aligned with the creative and irreverent spirit of Chef Hugo Guerra.

The idea of a simple and honest cuisine, with seasonal and Portuguese produce translates the spirit of Lobo Mau. The high quality of the products and the culinary creations meet again the taste of our grandparents with the irreverence of a new generation. We develop a unique experience having as the main focus the customer using fresh and sustainable ingredients, taking you on a culinary journey to the table.

The space, divided by two rooms, is cosy and intimate thus promoting a unique and memorable experience, inserted in a neighborhood (Arroios) with a vibrant and creative atmosphere.

Through the kitchen of Lobo Mau Restaurante is also normal and frequent to pass other chefs in dinners promoted by Chef Hugo Guerra - O Lobo Convida - that bring other flavours, other proposals to the table. The Chef of the house frequently receives other professional colleagues, thus tightening the bonds with his peers, which is also a reflection of his personality that embraces all those who pass through his life.

The traditionally based recipes, but with constant innovations, the change of menu each season, respecting the seasonality, reflect in each dish the love for quality food.

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