Libertà Restaurant

Libertà is a love letter to authentically delicious Italian food and culinary craft, transported to an unexpected space in the heart of Lisbon.

Born and raised in Castione della Presolana, our Head Chef Silvio Armanni learned how to cook with his grandmother from a young age. After 15 years (and a Michelin star) refining his craft in restaurants worldwide, he now delivers a produce-driven menu rooted in traditions but executed with a modern and contemporary touch.

Libertà, as stated by the founder Alykhan Popat, means stepping away from conventions. We challenge the status quo of conventional Italian food by taking in regional Italian recipes and giving them a twist with the best of Portuguese produce.

By sourcing locally and composting 100% of all organic waste, we strive to be as sustainable as possible. Through our team’s expertise, we aim to deliver outstanding quality experiences at honest prices, while reducing our carbon footprint.

We pride ourselves in nurturing a family of employees, partners, and suppliers who share the same human values as us, and change the infamous reputation of the food industry. We don’t play by the rules - we create our game. One that brings the most simple and honest human truths to the front stage again. And we want you to play with us. Our motto?

Underpromise, overdeliver. A true Unconventional Italian Kitchen.

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