Infame Restaurant

Located next to downtown Lisbon and with Martim Moniz as a backdrop, Infame absorbs the multiculturality that surrounds the 1908 Lisboa Hotel and takes us on a journey through the world’s palates, never abandoning its local roots.

The roots of the menu are Portuguese, but the multicultural area influenced Chef Nuno Bandeira de Lima to produce a more eclectic menu, mixing and including the typical oriental flavors of the neighborhood.

Why Infame? Infame means Infamous in portuguese. We drank from the infamous fame of the Intendente neighborhood and present it reinvented. In 1908, when Avenue Almirante Reis was still Av. Queen D.Amélia, the hotel building was awarded the Valmor Prize, but a bit below, next to the Tagus river, the King was assassinated and that same Queen tried to defend her husband wielding a branch of flowers and shouting INFAMOUS! INFAMOUS!

Restaurante Infame - Table reservation

Table reservation


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