Guilty by Olivier Restaurant

More than a restaurant, it is a meeting point with a good vibe and a gastronomic offer rich in intense palates.

Guilty By Olivier is the option to consider any day, anytime. Perfect for business lunches, delicious for family or friends dinner, with the best hamburgers, pizzas and Italian pasta with Olivier da Costa’s twist.

Great for lively nights to the rhythm of our resident DJ. Renovated in 2019, starting in Lisbon, to keep up with Guilty by Olivier’s new positioning, with a new decor and a truly pornographic menu, Guilty concept is more than a restaurant, it is a versatile, modern and very bold space.

The restaurant in Lisbon, Oporto, Bangkok, and, soon to be, London and Tenerife, where you can be yourself.  What you are, you are in Guilty by Olivier. No Boundaries. Anything can happen. What happens in Guilty, stays in Guilty.

Restaurante Guilty by Olivier - Table reservation

Table reservation


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