Go Juu

GoJuu is a Tribute to the traditional Japanese gastronomy, to the late Yoshitake-San.

We will miss his Presence, Art, and his Skill, but also his special way of being … with a candour smile. But we can gather his people, prepare his dishes and, through the hands of his best pupils, serve them in his porcelain.

We know that the most dignified tribute will always need to be the loyalty to what we have learned to admire and respect – the quality of the fish, the seasonal products, the truth in the confection and the sophisticated simplicity of its presentation. This is the only way we will be able to adequately honour the memory of who – as a Friend of his wrote - used all techniques to give back to the fish what he had taken away: Life” – our dear Friend and Master - the Itamae Takashi Yoshitake-san.

Go Juu - Table reservation

Table reservation


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