Food Circle Restaurant

Food Circle: A wooden hut in the middle of a garden with rich biodiversity that is a source of inspiration for creating unique sensory memories and moments.

It is precisely amidst the beauty of this natural environment and architectural simplicity where the dinners created by chef Tiago Santos and his team are served. Around the bar there is only room for 12 people who want to enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience, under the stars, enveloped in the aromas of the garden and in touch with nature.

Ancestral cooking methods and fire play a leading role when preparing the dishes. The menu, based on Alentejo regional cuisine, is replete with produce from the gastronomic garden depending on the time of the year (paying full respect to natural cycles). From vegetables to aromatic herbs and edible flowers, from the roots to the seeds, all is combined in perfect harmony with meat and fish from local producers. Portuguese cuisine thus defines the senses, from the dishes to the wine, which is also Portuguese and from local winemakers.

Restaurante Food Circle - Table reservation

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