Address: Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, 105. Lisboa. Portugal
Phone: 00351 217 236 313
Type of cuisine:
Opening times:
Wednesday: 12:30–15:30, 19:00–01:00
Thursday: 12:30–15:30, 19:00–01:00
Friday: 12:30–15:30, 19:00–01:00
Saturday: 12:30–15:30, 19:00–01:00
Sunday: 12:30–15:30, 19:00–01:00
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  • Erva team. Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

    Erva team

Erva is genuine
Supporting Portuguese gastronomy, local products, talent, authenticity and good food. Chef Carlos Gonçalves brings textures and simple flavours to the menu that speak for themselves.

Erva is interactive
With an open-kitchen concept, everything is at sight, so guests can enjoy watching and tasting the best of contemporary Portuguese cuisine and in this way, discover the essence in the kitchen, sustainability and proximity to the land and the sea. Besides adding theatre to the experience, stands out Erva’s notion of being honest and transparent.

Erva is Vibrant
Inspired by Lisbon’s energy, Erva restaurant and Cocktail Bar offers a relaxed and fun environment. From the wall of plants that brings the space alive, to the exciting menu, Erva is an invitation to a taste experience. As well as being part of Corinthia Hotel Lisbon, the restaurant is open to the general public.

Erva is natural
The cuisine makes the most of the fresh and seasonal products from local producers, so the menú offers unpretentious suggestions that do not camouflage the natural taste of food. Erva is keen on showing its kitchen essence, exuding a natural charm; the furnished with a mixture of leather vintage style chairs and rustic wood round dining tables and the beautiful living walls with pot plants, gives the restaurant a laid-back atmosphere.