Coyo Taco Restaurant

In 2018, Coyo Taco came to revolutionize the Mexican food universe in Lisbon and bring even more excitement to the Prince Real. The restaurant’s window, open to D. Pedro V Street, is one of the most popular places for margaritas lovers, and inside, the atmosphere is one of celebration, sharing and a lot of pleasure at the table.

Tacos, quesadillas, burritos, guacamole, churros with chocolate… Nothing is missing in this restaurant that Plateform brought to Portugal. At the best Mexican recipes and techniques – the tortillas are handmade with Nixtamal flour, all day long – the team is joined authentic, quality Portuguese ingredients, and the result couldn’t be more convincing and addictive. At the bar, Fernão Gonçalves created a menu of Mexican cocktails such as palomas, micheladas, horchatas and even margaritas with palettes (Mexican ice cream) included. We can not surrender to this fiesta!

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