Chirashi Sushi

In this bowl, various slices of different kinds of fish are served with lemon zest, ginger, avocado and lime, scattered atop a bed of sushi rice. Chirashi could easily be mistaken for one of the formats comprising the modern trend of eating ‘bowls’. However, it actually has a long-standing tradition!

Chirashi is a traditional Japanese dish consisting of loose sushi, which has been enjoyed for centuries in Japan.

In 2015, chef Miguel Bértolo and Ariana Bértolo opened the first chirashi joint in Telheiras, seeking to offer a balanced and healthy fast food format that is perfectly compatible with the busy urban lifestyle. In 2018, they opened their second chirashi joint in Alvalade, hoping to further spread the tradition without losing their perspective of cooking as “the art of highlighting the things that are offered by nature”.


-Alvalade: Rua Marquesa Alorna Loja 19C e 19D – Lisbon

-Telheiras: Rua Prof. Francisco Gentil, Loja 2A – Lisbon

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