Cave 23

Address: Rua Câmara Pestana 23. Lisboa. Portugal
Phone: 00351 218 298 071
Type of cuisine:
Opening times:
Monday: 19:30–00:00
Tuesday: 19:30–00:00
Wednesday: 19:30–00:00
Thursday: 19:30–00:00
Friday: 19:30–00:00
Saturday: 19:30–00:00
Sunday: 19:30–00:00
  • Restaurant Cave 23, Lisbon

    Cave 23

  • Restaurant Cave 23, Lisbon

    Cave 23

  • Bernardo and Thomas, chef and sommelier of Cave 23

    Bernardo and Thomas

A place of decadent and striking flavors where pre-established ideals are challenged.

Cave 23 discard food conventions presenting a hip of intriguing food pairings with pungent taste.

In essence, we born travelers seeking for causes and emotions abroad and those meaningful reasons are today the drive of our culinary purpose.

Those who join into this special world know that will travel both in food with a lineup of sharp-tasting courses, by the hand of Bernardo Agrela, and in wines through a gripping experience chosen by Thomas Domingues.

For a multiple sensation journey and to all of those with pure food indulgence in mind:

Welcome to Cave 23.