Casa dos Prazeres

Address: Rua Nova da Trindade, 13. Príncipe Real - Bairro Alto - Chiado. Portugal
Phone: +351 211 342 160
Type of cuisine:
Opening times:
Tuesday: 19:00–00:00
Wednesday: 19:00–00:00
Thursday: 19:00–00:00
Friday: 19:00–00:00
Saturday: 19:00–00:00
  • Noodles with veal. Restaurant Casa dos Prazeres, Lisbon

    Noodles with veal

  • Restaurant Casa dos Prazeres, Lisbon

    Casa dos Prazeres

  • Jose Avillez and Estanis Carenzo. Casa dos Prazeres. Lisbon

    Jose Avillez and Estanis Carenzo

Casa dos Prazeres is an Asian bar and restaurant, signed by Estanis Carenzo and José Avillez, in Chiado, Lisbon, with a seductive atmosphere and authentic cuisine.

In an atmosphere reminiscent of a 40´s club in Shangai, at the Bar we findmodernlyclassiccocktailsthatcelebrate an historic relationshipbetween Portugal and Asia.

Upthe stairs, following the red medusae that make up asuspended installation,we come intoa room where thebestAsian flavoursawait us: Pork and crab spring rolls (from Vietnam); Steamed wontons with chicken and prawn filling (from China); Dumplings with a rich filling of pork, served with soy and vinegar sauce; Curries (veggie, veal, duck and Vinha d´alhos); Lamb satay; Sichuan sweet and sour pork breast or the Five flavours Yangzhou rice; Filipino Flan;Goa Cassata;Banana Puff Pastry;Moist Chocolate Cake; and many more.