Brilhante is a hidden treasure in the eclectic Cais do Sodré neighbourhood, an invitation to elegance and the distinctive atmospheres of French brasseries. Inside, the kitchen arises as the restaurant’s centrepiece, enfolded by an imposing stone counter with 26 seats available. The booths are spread around three of the restaurant’s walls, leaving the one next to the entrance to be graced by a mirrored bar — with a selection of over 50 whisky references, the spirit of choice, though they offer other delightful options, too.

The Brilhante Steak is the star of the menu, a dish inspired by the classic Marrare Steak, a speciality immortalised by the famous Lisbon cafés of the 19th century. Chef Luís Gaspar and his team perfect the recipe — a cluster of flavours and techniques that will remain a well-kept secret.

Brilhante - Table reservation

Table reservation


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