Big Fish Poke

BIG FISH Poke is a Platefom proposal dedicated to Hawaiian cuisine. Lisbon’s restaurant scene now includes exquisite Hawaiian cuisine with a definite Japanese influence. Its name drew inspiration from tuna, a ‘big fish’ and the one most commonly used to make Hawaiian pokes, a healthy and delicious choice.

With fish in the spotlight, everything has been thought of in detail, from the stained-glass façade window that aims to simulate fish scales, to the interior, where the use of natural wood and plants creates a natural, relaxed and welcoming ambience with a touch of sophistication.

Big Fish is meant to create an intimate gastronomic experience where all dishes are plated in front of the client.

Andrew Mayer (founder of Poke OG in Miami), who previously worked with the renowned Japanese chef Roy Yamaguchi, and who has been innovating the so-called fusion. Roy Yamaguchi is a founding member of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement, created poke recipes jointly with chef Luís Gaspar who embraced this challenge of developing new techniques and new products by studying the Hawaiian and Japanese cultures.

The bar menu was developed by Fernão Golçalves, where the main ‘artists’ are the sakes

Big fish combines Hawaiian culture, Japanese influences and a sprinkle of “Portugality”.

Big Fish Poke - Table reservation

Table reservation


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