BAHR Bairro Alto Hotel Restaurante

Address: Praça Luís de camòes, 2. Príncipe Real - Bairro Alto - Chiado. Portugal
Phone: +351 213 408 253
Type of cuisine:
Opening times:
Monday: 13:00–15:00, 19:00–23:30
Tuesday: 13:00–15:00, 19:00–23:30
Wednesday: 13:00–15:00, 19:00–23:30
Thursday: 13:00–15:00, 19:00–23:30
Friday: 13:00–15:00, 19:00–23:30
Saturday: 13:00–15:00, 19:00–23:30
Sunday: 12:00–16:00, 19:00–23:30
Terraza BAHR
Monday: 13:00–01:00
Tuesday: 13:00–01:00
Wednesday: 13:00–01:00
Thursday: 13:00–01:00
Friday: 13:00–01:00
Saturday: 13:00–01:00
Sunday: 13:00–01:00

  • squid, green beans and grelos puree. BAHR

    squid, green beans and grelos puree

  • BAHR Bairro Alto Hotel Restaurante. Lisbon

    BAHR Bairro Alto Hotel Restaurante

  • Equipe BAHR. Lisbon

    Equipe BAHR

BAHR, located on the 5th floor of Bairro Alto Hotel, has a terrace with a fabulous view of the River Tagus and a bar with a counter – a tribute to the bohemian manifesto that pays homage to the artists who left their mark on the city in the 19th century.

Open to everyone we welcome visitors to a modern and informal atmosphere where the kitchen plays the starring role. The menu, consisting of the best in signature Portuguese cuisine, is the work of Creative Chef Nuno Mendes, recognised nationallyand internationally for his Michelin-starred talent, and Executive Chef Bruno Rocha.