Bacalhoaria Moderna

Address: Rua de S. Sebastião da Pedreira, 150.. Marquês de Pombal - Avenida da Liberdade - Saldanha . Portugal
Phone: +35216053208
Type of cuisine:
Opening times:
Tuesday: 12:30–15:00, 19:30–00:00
Wednesday: 12:30–15:00, 19:30–00:00
Thursday: 12:30–15:00, 19:30–00:00
Friday: 12:30–15:00, 19:30–00:00
Saturday: 12:30–15:00, 19:30–00:00
Sunday: 12:30–15:00, 19:30–00:00
  • Codfish tartar. Bacalhoaria Moderna, Lisbon

    Codfish tartar

  • Restaurant Bacalhoaria Moderna, Lisbon

    Bacalhoaria Moderna

  • Chef Ana Moura. Restaurant Bacalhoaria Moderna, Lisbon

    Chef Ana Moura

The Bacalhoaria Moderna opened its doors on February 2019 with a strong commitment to take care of Bacalhau, the ex-libris of the Portuguese cuisine, and offering an unique experience with genuine flavours.

In charge of the cuisine is Chef Ana Moura, with a track record of very different experiences that are present at the Bacalhoaria, resulting on a fusion between modern and tradition, implementing a bold and contemporary mark, respecting always the traditional Portuguese codfish maturation. 

The space, like its cuisine, is contemporary and fresh, appealing to the quietness of the deep sea where codfish lives.