Vi Cool Ibiza

Address: Calle Salvador Camacho, s/n. Santa Eulària des Riu. España
Phone: 0034 971 319 991
Type of cuisine: ,
Opening times:
Monday: 19:00–01:00
Tuesday: 19:00–01:00
Tuesday: 19:00–01:00
Wednesday: 19:00–01:00
Thursday: 19:00–01:00
Friday: 19:00–01:00
Saturday: 19:00–01:00
Sunday: 19:00–01:00

  • Vi Cool Ibiza by Sergi Arola

    Vi Cool Ibiza by Sergi Arola

  • Sergi Arola owner of Vi Cool Ibiza

    Sergi Arola

  • Vi Cool Ibiza Chef.

    Vi Cool Ibiza Chef

Vi Cool Ibiza, the most informal concept of the international Chef Sergi Arola (1 Michelin stars), is made up of traditional tapas with new and fresh features originally presented in a modern way. Vi Cool is the perfect spot for a simple and informal meal full of intense flavours to be enjoyed in good company. The restaurant is located on the roof of the hotel Aguas de Ibiza in a spectacular chill-out terrace with vibrant decor and stunning views. The Vi Cool Ibiza rooftop bar also offers a wide and unique range of cocktails, designed exclusively for the restaurant.