Umami Ibiza Sushi & Bento

Umami Ibiza Sushi & Bento is the essence of a fusion between Japanese and Mediterranean culture as seen through the eyes of two young chefs who hope to bring diners joy through the most important thing in a restaurant: its food.

Carlos and Mario, who have over 12 years’ experience in this type of cuisine, decided to start their professional journey and cook the way they feel

Their cooking is different and prepared meticulously.

The restaurant is small and unassuming, in total contrast to a menu that constantly surprises.

Two Valencian-born chefs who have settled on the island and have a real passion for constant improvement.

Thanks to their team, tireless work and the will to overcome any challenge, today Umami is one of the leading examples of perfectly mastered Japanese techniques in Ibiza.

Carlos and Mario still have plenty to show us; Umami Ibiza Sushi & Bento first opened its doors three years ago and their journey has only just begun.

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