Address: Calle Castella, 9. Eivissa. España
Phone: 0034 871 036 575
Type of cuisine:
Opening times:
Monday: 13:00–00:30
Tuesday: 13:00–00:30
Wednesday: 13:00–00:30
Thursday: 13:00–00:30
Friday: 13:00–00:30
Saturday: 13:00–00:30
Sunday: 13:00–00:30
  • Autochthonous aubergine with garum and carob bread. Restaurant Re.Art, Ibiza

    Autochthonous aubergine with garum and carob bread

  • Re.Art, Ibiza

    Dining room Re.Art

  • Matías and David. Re.Art, Ibiza

    Matías and David

“Wonder is the essence of life”., an urban gastrobar located in the heart of Ibiza Town, identifies with this philosophy.  Here, David Reartes, together with his Head Chef Matías Kelly, continue to evolve it; believing in and enjoying their daily work.  The result is a grand effort which has been recognised by the Michelin Guide 2019 as a “Recommended Restaurant”; acknowledging the quality of their cooking.  This is thanks to a daring venture which combines local products with Asian-influenced flavours.

This modern bar is characterised by the main room’s open, airy ambience, which highlights the inimitable kitchen view; giving a unique insight into and allowing for reflection on the work of this great team.

The informal menu includes simple tapas based on excellent products at affordable prices. The fixed classics provide the base for the creativity in which the adventurous chefs can explore without limits.

A highlight is the range of wines, hand-selected by the chef so that the customer is sure to enjoy an excellent accompaniment to their dish.

A harmony, wherein everything is perfectly balanced, represented by the tessellations which cover its surface: this is