Address: Calle Castella, 9. Eivissa. España
Phone: 0034 871 036 575
Type of cuisine:
Opening times:
Monday: 13:00–00:30
Tuesday: 13:00–00:30
Wednesday: 13:00–00:30
Thursday: 13:00–00:30
Friday: 13:00–00:30
Saturday: 13:00–00:30
Sunday: 13:00–00:30
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  • Matias, David and Beatriz are the heart of Ibiza

    Matias, David and Beatriz

Joan, Jordi and David … individual illusions that united materialize in a great dream come true under the name of Re.Art, a tapas restaurant “cañí”, that’s how they want to call it. Its cuisine headed by Reartes, remains in line with the philosophy * slow food *, a dynamic and fresh cuisine through which we continue to enjoy the culinary art of this Catalan settled on the island that uses local produce as a priority guideline When elaborating his dishes, all together with the execution of what he defines as his “half turn of nut”, will not leave anyone dissatisfied.

The restaurant has a beautiful kitchen view delimited by a bar of the same length franking the entire room. As if it were a workshop, we find the logistics and support center where the customer can enjoy a service offered exclusively by the chefs, without forgetting a soulful cocktail and an exceptional wine list where they prepare they own wine, called “Cocinillas”.

To emphasize the industrial projection of interior design in a space whose surface is paved by mosaics, pieces that fit perfectly creating a harmonious environment where natural woods dominate and is that Re.Art besides gastronomy is also geometry, art and beauty.