ReArt Restaurant

“Being amazed is the essence of life”, which perfectly encapsulates Reart, a unique culinary space situated right in the heart of Ibiza, where the chef David Reartes together with his head chef, Matías Kelly, continue to evolve, create and enjoy their work on a daily basis, so much so that the restaurant was recognised by the 2021 Michelin Guide.

Based on the slow food philosophy, the chefs transform the fruits of the same local area that they seek to showcase through their creativity, giving rise to dynamic, fresh Mediterranean cuisine with a commitment to quality local produce.

The modern bar-style eatery boasts an open-plan layout in which the open kitchen takes centre stage allowing diners to observe the team’s passion for cooking in action.

The informal menu boasts an array of dishes in which the standard classics are steeped in the kind of creativity a chef with a thirst for innovation cannot do without.

Another highlight is the excellent wine selection for which the great classics make way for natural wines, designed so that diners can find the best pairing for their dishes.

A sense of harmony where everything fits to perfection - as symbolised by the pattern that covers its floor tiles - is what is all about.

Restaurante Reart - Table reservation

Table reservation


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