Pomona Ibiza Restaurant

“Eat with an awareness of the seasons: be sustainable in the kitchen“

Within this context, David Reartes introduces his newest gastronomic venture, Pomona, which is fully committed to using local ingredients, and which is placing the vegetable kingdom firmly at centre stage, thus ensuring proximity, seasonality and eco-friendly farming as all-important criteria in the selection of ingredients.

Pomona operates with an overriding awareness of sustainable development, and is supporting a network of local suppliers, enabling them to thrive as well as benefiting the environment.

The result is good, honest food without artificial ingredients, which allows the true flavours of the raw materials to shine through, offering healthy, nutritious and innovative dishes that respect different approaches to diet.

An affordable, local offer that includes a generous daily brunch and a dynamic evening menu targeted at customers who like healthy, flavourful cooking accompanied by a bold selection of natural wines, organic cocktails, or Pomona’s own artisan kombucha.

Restaurante Pomona Ibiza - Table reservation

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