La'Era Ibiza Restaurant

Open to the sea on two strategic points between the mountains of the bay of Cala Llonga and with a 360 degree view over the cultivation fields of the farm itself from 1859, is the La’Era Ibiza restaurant in the Can Toni Xumeu Boutique Hotel.

The Chef Samuel G. Galdón, owner of the gastronomic consultancy Methodo Kitchen, together with his brothers, directing the service and wines, capture a product kitchen that has been passed through an excellent contemporary filter in which the organic products grown in the farm’s own garden are valued. Technique, flavor and aesthetics. A solid cuisine, root, tasty and refined, but above all it is a background cuisine, really, without concessions that compiles the experience of traditional dishes to reinvent them; products that pass from the forest and the garden to the plate; innovative recipes that preserve the essence of a lifetime. Memory and environment for an eternal kitchen full of textures and nuances that make it unique.

La'Era Ibiza Restaurant - Table reservation

Table reservation


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