Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar

Address: Passeig Joan Carles I, 1. Eivissa. España
Phone: 0034 871 182 526
Type of cuisine: , ,
Opening times:
Monday: 07:00–12:30
Tuesday: 07:00–12:30
Wednesday: 07:00–12:30
Thursday: 07:00–12:30
Friday: 07:00–12:30
Saturday: 07:00–12:30
Sunday: 07:00–12:30

Monday: 13:30–16:00
Tuesday: 13:30–16:00
Wednesday: 13:30–16:00
Thursday: 13:30–16:00
Friday: 13:30–16:00
Saturday: 13:30–16:00
Sunday: 13:30–16:00

Monday: 13:30–04:00
Tuesday: 13:30–04:00
Wednesday: 13:30–04:00
Thursday: 13:30–04:00
Friday: 13:30–04:00
Saturday: 13:30–04:00
Sunday: 13:30–04:00

Monday: 20:00–01:00
Tuesday: 20:00–01:00
Wednesday: 20:00–01:00
Thursday: 20:00–01:00
Friday: 20:00–01:00
Saturday: 20:00–01:00
Sunday: 20:00–01:00

  • Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar dish. Ibiza

    Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar

  • Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar. Restaurant in Ibiza

    Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar

  • Stephanie and Yossi, the soul of Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar. Ibiza

    Stephanie and Yossi

Those fascinated by innovative culinary concepts have a new place to get together at a fantastic location in the centre of the Ibiza Marina in the Sir Joan Hotel. Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar presents modern Japanese cuisine with South American influences – it’s an outstanding shared–dining concept that will suit the Cosmopolitan nature of Ibiza. Behind this inspiring idea are renowned hospitality entrepreneurs Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, owners and founders of Amsterdam– based ‘THE ENTOURAGE GROUP’ and the Group’s CEO, Stephanie Pearson.

Perceived as an inside–out venue, a pool, cabana’s and the iconic 360 degrees’ island bar are part of the Izakaya experience. With DJs setting the energetic vibe from sunset throughout dinner, Izakaya turns the place into a music and drinking scene every night.